July 16, 2024

Happy July!

We have hit the crest of the year and are on the downward slope now! LOL. Which feels really weird since 2024 has so far felt quite long and equally has flown by. Another year around the sun!

This month, I have a new Percy James book out! Details below. I'm almost to enough Percy James Mysteries that I can put them together in a collection so my paperback readers can pick them up if they like. Look out for that some time in 2025 (I just scared myself typing that).

The other release this month is a standalone eBook from last year's HAUNTS AND HOWLS collection. This one is I Just Ate A Bug. If you want to pick it up as a standalone, I have an explanation for that title in the Thank You at the end of the story <grin> I Just Ate A Bug is out July 30th and available for preorder now!

A Percy James Mystery

Welcome to the Azur Regent

February brings calm and quiet to the Azur Regent. But for a sleep deprived Percy James, she could do with a little more excitement. Or a night’s sleep. A full night’s sleep would really help. With her baby niece sick and her sister losing her mind over the baby’s first cold, Percy starts to feel like a walking zombie.

She even starts imagining things with one of the few guests staying at the hotel. Percy prides herself on her cheerful work ethic. Seeing suspicious things where none exist proves she needs more than makeup to cover the circles under her eyes.

Fortunately, working at a hotel comes with perks. A night of uninterrupted, undisturbed sleep will put Percy back to rights.

Except nothing at the Azur Regent is ever that simple. Even a night’s sleep.




Fighting an alien invasion requires a good appetite…

I’m an out of work dog walker who never expected to confront the end of the world in my lifetime. Especially not when that end of the world comes in the form of an alien invasion. Who expects that to happen for real, right? But there you have it. Aliens. Invading Earth.

And only a rough band of us humans to defend the entire planet.

With the only weapons we have.

If we can stomach using it.

Author’s Note: This story is also published in the collection HAUNTS AND HOWLS AND JESTERS BELLS.



So! My website seems to be doing most things the way it's supposed to again, but I'm still leery. I'm not prepared to move the whole thing at the moment. But I am going to start changing the back pages so they all direct to the store. You won't have to shop there, of course! But I keep it updated with new releases and back list titles, and I'll start including the universal links on the various book pages (once I figure out how to *grin*).

Just in general, I'd prefer to only have to update one site with all the details. I realized recently I'm very behind on updating another of my websites. Obviously, I need to simplify!

This page will continue to be here! And I will continue to update the main page monthly (or more). But the back pages with all the books in various genres will eventually point to the pages at the store to make life simpler. Again, I don't expect people to only shop at my store (though I'd love it if you wanted to!!). In fact, I'm happy for people to pick my books up from wherever suits them, including libraries!, and just use my website or store to keep up with what's out and reading orders and things.

This change over will take me time and probably won't be visible to visitors to the site until Fall of 2024. Maybe later. Depends on other aspects of the business. But I wanted to give you all a heads up well in advance of the change, so you'll know it's coming.


Speaking of the store, though, I have some new Merchandise up now that's great fun! Consider going over to check it out! And I'm slowly getting the paperbacks up there too, and ensuring the shipping is set up right. So before the end of the year, it'll be a great resource for keeping up to date on all my releases anyway.

AND sometime in 2025, I'll start adding my alter ego Isabo Kelly to the store and all her books. So that's something to look out for, too.


Looking ahead to next month, I have the fourth Dragon Thief book out! And I'll have another standalone eBook for a story from HAUNTS AND HOWLS AND JESTERS BELLS. Both stories are up everywhere for preorder now, so if you're eager to ensure they're in your reader the day of, go check that out now!

Until next month, I hope you're enjoying the season!

Happy Reading!