May 14, 2024

May Days...and my Birthday Month!

Happy May! This is my birthday month and so normally is a pretty fun and exciting month for me. Mainly because of cake. The last five years, this month has been a bit weird, though, plagued with kid illnesses and Covid and such. So lately, I tense up coming into May. Fingers crossed this month is a good one on the personal level.

On the publishing level, however, it's a great month. I have two releases and a sale!

One release is the newest Cary Redmond novel, The Trouble with Shifters and Fae Courts, releasing from my store on May 14th!! If you couldn't back the Kickstarter in March, but still want the book a bit early, this is your chance! It's available from the store a full month before it releases wide.

Cary Redmond, Book 8

OUT MAY 14th

Trouble is Back…

And taking her newfound skills on the road. Cary Redmond survived a lot in the last year. From her Seventh Year test as a magical Protector, to meeting her leopard shifter mate, to fending off a whole host of enemies. A trip to Scotland with Deacon presents a well-earned chance to rest and practice her new skills and powers. Even if meeting Deacon’s grandmother comes in the bargain.

But Trouble follows Cary wherever she goes, including all the way across the pond to Scotland. Where Deacon’s grandmother harbors a secret tie to the Fae, and rival Faery queens fight for dominion. Cary finds herself, once again, in the middle of powerful enemies, protecting everyone in the crossfire.

This time, though, if she fails, the cost could be the love of her life.

Because this time, Faery wants Deacon.


As a heads up (and I may have mentioned already, but as a reminder), I am going to be releasing most things early at the story starting in 2025. Right now, the Dragon Thief series books are releasing a week early to my store (starting with next month's The Poisons Book Job), before releasing wide to all vendors. Everything else besides those books and the Cary Redmond novel will release to the store and wide at the same time this year. I will keep everyone updated on that shift, though!


The second release this month is a brand new collection of action-adventure thriller stories with a touch of humor. And it is put together in an adorable package and I love it so much! This collection's title was inspired by the Lita Ford song Kiss Me Deadly, so every time I look at the cover, I sing that song in my head. LOL. Now I have given you an earworm, too. Sorry, not sorry.

This one is also out in a very cute hardback edition with a full jacket and everything. I just can't stand how much I love the packaging for this book! The stories themselves are great fun, too *grin* But I'm a bit silly over the packaging. This one is out on May 21st!


OUT MAY 21st

Trade Paperback: Amazon | B&N | | Blackwells |
Large Print Paperback: Amazon | B&N | | Blackwells |
Hardback: Amazon | B&N | | Blackwells | Angus & Robertson |

When taking a vacation turns deadly

Everyone needs a break from real life, a little time away from work. Even conmen and assassins and thrill-seeking treasure hunters crave some down time. But no one escapes work for long. When dangers charge in to destroy all that hard won peace and the bullets start flying, the vacation comes to an end.

And the deadly consequences begin.

Exotic settings and fast-paced action fill this collection of five adventure thriller stories from bestselling author Kat Simons. With larger-than-life heroes, adventures only the brave risk, and a sly humor to balance all the bullets.

Don’t miss this action-packed, fun and thrilling beach read.


If you can, be sure to check out the blurbs on the back cover of the hardback! *grin*



So to continue the celebration of my birthday month, I also have a sale on ROMANCING THE LEOPARD! This is the cross-over paranormal romance story that blends my Tiger Shifter world and my Cary Redmond world. For a limited time this month, the eBook is on sale for only $0.99 everywhere!

A sexy leopard shifter astronomer...
A genius human physicist who wants nothing to do with shifters...
A meeting that turns both their worlds upside down. 



As I mentioned above, next month The Trouble with Shifters and Fae Courts releases wide at all vendors. This is when the paperbacks will also be available for my print readers. Sorry to make you all wait! I'm still working out the print editions from my store and how to do the shipping and taxes end of things. I'm hoping to have this all sorted by 2025 when I start releasing from the store early!

Look out for Cary Redmond on June 18th!

I also have the next Dragon Thief story out. The Poisons Book Job is out from KatSimonsBooks on June 4th if you're impatient to see what Myra and Christopher get up to next! And then the book will release wide on June 11th.

All of the above is available for preorder now if you'd like to have the books land into your reading app on release day. 

Another heads up: Preorders from my store are delivered via BookFunnel and they will be delivered directly to your BookFunnel account/app on release day, same as if you were preordering the book from any other vendor. You'll also still get an email from BookFunnel with the link, but you won't even have to worry about that!

So that's it for this month! Fingers crossed the personal side of May goes smoothly and until next month, I hope May brings you a lot of joy and many many good books to read.

Happy Reading!