Contemporary Romance

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Poinsettias and Possibilities




They have one summer… Can love give them more?

Interior designer Sabrina Mitchell desperately needs this summer break. To put the tatters of her career behind her and rethink her future. House sitting for her best friend out in the Hamptons solves all her immediate problems. Away from Manhattan, away from the pestering former colleague responsible for her career collapse, away from everything, she can focus. The only kink in her plan… The hunky next door neighbor she can’t stop thinking about.

Architect Nick West moved out to the Hamptons to escape people and his own bad work situation. He loves the isolation and quiet he’s built for himself on the beach. And he would continue to happily enjoy his hermit life… If he could just stop thinking about his neighbor’s sexy house sitter.

With a long, hot summer stretching out in front of them, and an attraction they can’t ignore, Sabrina and Nick must decide if what they have lasts only for the summer…

Or a lifetime.


Short Stories and Novellas


Christmas in Hawaii is just what she needs…

When a disaster with her former boss sends Jessica Warwick to Hawaii to dog-sit for a college friend, she expects to spend a few months escaping her past and working out her future. And Christmas on the North Shore in Hawaii definitely qualifies as a nice consolation prize after her frightening Thanksgiving. She doesn’t count on the sexy firefighter next door disturbing her peace.

Kevin Nakoa knows Jessica spells disaster the minute his neighbor introduces the new dog-sitter. She’s temporary, only on Oahu for six months, and Kevin isn’t a winter fling kind of guy. Even if the sexy New Yorker has him rethinking that stance. But he promised his neighbor he’d keep an eye on Jessica. And when an escaped dog forces him into spending time with her, Kevin knows he’s in trouble.

Christmas in Hawaii brings a reckoning for Jessica. But also a lot of hope. And with Kevin, the possibility for more.