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Dragon Thief - February 2024
The Chicago Job - April 2024
The Poisons Book Job - June 2024
The Vault Job - August 2024
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Once Upon a Tiger
Along Came a Tiger
Here There Be Tigers
Her Tiger to Take
To Tempt a Tiger
Down Will Come Tiger
To Catch a Tiger
What a Tiger Wants
Taming Her Tiger

Tiger Shifters Series Vol 1 (Box Set Books 1-3)
Tiger Shifters Series Vol 2 (Box Set Books 4-6)


Wolf Family
Darkness in Stone
Redemption in Stone
Fated in Stone

Wolf in Stone (Box Set Books 1-3)


Romancing the Leopard


The Dragon Thief

A Dragon Thief Story
Dragon Thief Book One

One magic thief, one dragon shifter, and a whole lot of deadly mayhem…

Myra has made many mistakes in her life. Breaking into a dragon king’s hoard… Not one of her most successful mistakes. As a thief with a touch of magic, though, she adores a good challenge. Unfortunately, the dragon king adores a good repayment for damages done. Not that she even stole anything! They caught her before she could.

But no one argues with a dragon king. Do the job for him, or suffer the consequences.

The job in question… Steal back the dragon king’s son.

Myra never suspects when she reluctantly agrees to the king’s terms that the youngling she’s sent to rescue will turn out to be a sexy hunk of a dragon shifter whose deep voice and outstanding height push all her buttons. Or that her night will turn out so…interesting. Or that escaping his kidnappers will toss them into a deadly race against time.

But Myra loves a good challenge. Especially an interesting one. 

Author’s Note: This story originally appeared in the collection, WHO STEALS A DRAGON, as the paranormal romance genre story. There have been minor changes to this story to fit in with the larger world of this new series. If you have read the story in WHO STEALS A DRAGON, this one has not been changed substantially enough for you to require re-reading it. You can jump right into Book Two in the series.

THE CHICAGO JOB -- Out April 2024
A Dragon Thief Story
Dragon Thief Book Two

Saving a dragon can complicate a thief’s life…

One job for the dragon king. Myra had been obliged to do just one job to make up for the teeny, tiny mistake of breaking into the king’s hoard. Rescue his son. Restitution satisfied. Myra, clear and clean from one of the bigger mistakes of her life.

And since the son in question turned out to be a sexy dragon shifter named Christopher—not Chris—a shifter she wouldn’t mind getting to know better. The job… Not a total wash.

But still, just one job.

The dragon king has other ideas.

Myra doesn’t normally work for other people. She steals what she wants, when she wants, because she wants to. Her favorite marks…rich people who don’t even know their stuff is missing. But when a dragon king wants to hire you, and pay you a small fortune, to retrieve an old relic, what’s a thief to do? Having Christopher along for the ride, doesn’t hurt. Spending more time with him is almost worth the irritation of working for his father again.

Complicates things too, though. Myra likes interesting. Complicated worries her.

And her feelings for Christopher are getting complicated.

THE POISONS BOOK JOB  -- Out June 2024
A Dragon Thief Story
Dragon Thief Book Three

Priceless artifact, impossible heist… How can a thief resist?

As Myra tries to find her footing in this new world of dragon shifters, one problem clearly stands out above the rest. The dragon king and his dangerous jobs. Avoiding Christopher because of his father proves impossible, though. And when the king offers her yet another job, a heist almost as interesting as it is impossible, she gives in. To both the job, and working with Christopher.

Pulling off an impossible theft requires focus, precision, and planning. Precision and planning, Myra has down. Focus… With Christopher around, that focus wavers. Ignoring a seven-foot tall, intimidatingly sexy dragon shifter would challenge even the most determined. Myra’s determined. Just not determined enough to stay away from Christopher.

But first they have to pull of his father’s impossible mission and recover a priceless relic. Without getting caught.

And without letting her feelings get in the way.

THE VAULT JOB  -- Out August 2024
A Dragon Thief Story
Dragon Thief Book Four

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Locked in a vault with a jumpy wizard... Myra has had worse experiences. But not many.

THE FEMME FATALE JOB  -- Out October 2024
A Dragon Thief Story
Dragon Thief Book Five

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What should be the end of her work for the dragon king, leads Myra and Christopher into a job that no one saw coming...



The Seven Families

Wolf Family

A Seven Families Novel
Seven Families: Wolf Book 1

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Meet the Wolf Family

Eric Logan leads an ancient family of monster hunters, gifted by one god, cursed by another millennia ago. To break his curse, Eric must win the heart of his destined love. He knows Katie Donovan holds his future in her hands the instant they speak. But winning her body and soul proves complicated when monsters threaten his home. And if they learn her true identity, Katie will never be safe again.

Eager to get her journalistic career back on track, Katie bargains with her editor, offering an interview with the elusive billionaire and head of Logan International in exchange for the chance to write more hard-hitting stories. Thanks to her hateful psychic ability, Katie knows she can get the interview, even though the Logans never answer reporter’s questions. She doesn’t expect to have her world turned upside down by the gorgeously sexy Eric Logan, whose secrets draw Katie in even more than her Pulitzer dreams.

The chemistry between them burns hot and promising, a passion Katie finds impossible to resist. But Eric’s world holds terrifying horrors unlike anything she’s ever encounter. Nightmare monsters and danger at every turn. Even a Pulitzer might not be worth the risks. The more she learns about Eric, though, the harder leaving his world will be. And surviving long enough to find out if she can trust him might be the hardest part of all.

A Seven Families Novel
Seven Families: Wolf Book 2

A fated mate, a werewolf among monsters…

Rebecca Logan has spent her long life hunting monsters, ensuring humanity remains safe from nightmare creatures created by a vengeful god. Cursed by the same god, but promised a way out by another, Becca never expects to find her fated mate, the one person who can save her, her destined love…just as she uncovers a new monster on a killing spree. A monster with weapons that strike directly at her Family. Duty demands she hunt and destroy the monsters. But that duty endangers her mate. And if she can’t convince him they’re meant for each other, they’ll both suffer.

Adam Walsh left his werewolf pack a disgrace, becoming a dreaded rogue. Alone, and without the security and structure of a pack, Adam knows he doesn’t have much longer before his animal nature takes over, turning him into a killing machine that will destroy everything in his wake. So when the beautiful monster hunter drops into his life, he knows he has to resist her. Impossible when she looks at him with her beautiful brown eyes, offering hope he hasn’t had in years. But he has nothing to offer Becca in return except exile and danger.

As they hunt the new monsters and fend off a hostile werewolf pack, Becca and Adam resist the pull of the consuming passion building between them. Their secrets loom, an impenetrable wall. And if they can’t learn to trust each other, their natures will destroy them both.

A Seven Families Novel
Seven Families: Wolf Book 3

Trade Paperback: Amazon B&N | Indie Bound | Blackwells | Angus & Robertson |
Large Print: Amazon B&N | Indie Bound | Blackwells | Angus & Robertson |

Will one mistake destroy their future…

Benjamin Logan has fought monsters for more than three hundred years, knowing one day he’ll be granted his promised mate, his true love, the one fated to break his curse. But meeting her in the middle of a deadly battle with a monster and its human minions topples all Ben’s plans. To save her, he makes one of the biggest mistakes of his life. A mistake that could cost him everything.

Elle Barker finds people for a living, tracking down missing loved ones for people out of options. Using her psychic skills, Elle discovers her newest target held captive in a compound that holds terrifying monsters unlike anything she’s ever seen. Out of her depth and desperate, Elle must overcome her suspicious nature to trust the one man who knows how to survive the deadly creatures. Only to learn he’s not what he seems either.

To survive, Ben and Elle must work together even as the building attraction between them overwhelms their common sense. With the world at risk, and the monsters getting stronger, their own feelings must take a backseat. But saving their future and stopping a horrifying plot, means accepting their bond…

Before it’s too late.

A Seven Families Box Set, Books 1-3

Meet the Wolf Family…

In a world where monsters created by an ancient god hunt for human victims, heroes from the Seven Families must fight to hold back the darkness. Waiting for the love of their fated mates to save them from a god-cursed doom.

This box set collects the first three, full-length novels in the Seven Families series, following the battles and loves of three of the Logan siblings. Don’t miss a minute of this sexy, spooky, paranormal romance series.


Tiger Shifters

(Tiger Shifters Book 1)

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She’ll never run.

Among the tiger shifters, Alexis Tarasova is regarded as fierce and dangerous, with a reputation that would make even the most daring tiger think twice about challenging her. Female tiger shifters may be rare and the mating run a critical part of their species’s survival, but Alexis is the only female Tracker and will not back down, even at the threat of tiger law. She will not be forced to mate. So when a handful of males band together to force her to participate in the run, Alexis chooses to stand her ground and fight instead. 

He's forbidden to run.

Outcast from the tiger shifters after a vicious childhood attack left him mute, Victor Romanov has never taken part in the mate run. He’s never particularly cared, though, since the woman he loves refuses to take a mate. However, when he learns Alexis may be in danger, all bets are off. Nothing will keep him from her side.

Together, they’re unmovable.

The chemistry between them burns wickedly hot and forges them into an unbeatable pair. Alexis knows that being with Victor means she will have to break another one of her people’s laws—a move that might push the tigers too far. But, for Victor, she will risk everything, including her life, and do what she thought she’d never do—run.

(Tiger Shifters Book 2)

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Never kill a human.

Daniel Borowski, Tracker and enforcer of tiger shifter law, faces an impossible choice when the woman he loves is set on breaking one of their people’s most fundamental rules—don’t kill humans. Daniel’s own sense of justice cries out for the life of the man who murdered one of their own, but killing him—especially in tiger form—is an automatic death sentence. Daniel loves Sarah too much to allow her to throw her life away for revenge. But preventing her from killing could cost him any chance at a future with her.

Her soul demands blood.

Sarah Chu never imagined losing her best friend so young and in such a gruesome way. Until then, she was focused on her career as a genetics researcher and trying to get pregnant during the Mate Run so she could be with the man she loves. After her friend’s murder, Sarah can think of little beyond ripping the man responsible to pieces. So when Daniel stops her from taking her revenge, anger and frustration make her lash out at him even as the chemistry between them roars through her. If she kills the human, she’ll sacrifice the life she imagined with Daniel. If she lets the human go, she’s not sure she’ll be able to live with herself.

Justice will come at a price.

To protect Sarah, Daniel will do whatever it takes, including finding another way to get justice. Even that might not be enough for her, though. But when the murderer comes after them, intend on torture and death, Daniel and Sarah will have to choose…destroy the killer or protect their own future. Because they can’t have both.

(Tiger Shifters Book 3)

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She shouldn’t exist.

When Nila De Luca finds out she’s the impossible offspring of a human father and a tiger shifter mother, she knows her life will never be the same. She refuses to be a pawn in tiger politics or to have her future dictated by other people’s agendas. But before she can settle into her new life, she has to survive the vicious attacks of her mother’s mate and the covetous grab of a crazy tiger determined to use her for his own purposes. Her only ally is a sexy tiger shifter, a man she wants more than any other before, and with a passion that calls to her animal side.

He can’t have her.

Mitch Chernikov knows exactly how important Nila is to his people. She represents hope for their continued survival. His sole job is to keep her alive so she can fulfill that promise. He knows he won’t be allowed to keep her for himself. That knowledge doesn’t stop him from wanting her. Or from answering the passion that burns so fiercely between them. But to keep her, he’ll have to fight for her. And it will be a fight to the death.

(Tiger Shifters Book 4)

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Resisting her is impossible.

After a lifetime of fighting his own kind, Nikolai Chernikov has been in self-imposed isolation for years. The taint of his father’s crimes hangs over him, and of all the infamous Chernikov brothers, Nick is most like their father. The fear that madness is only one bad decision away has kept Nick from seeking a mate for more than ten years. Then she comes into his life—the sexiest, most stunning tiger shifter Nick has ever known. Tatiana is everything he wants. And everything he can’t have.

He’s the only man she’ll accept.

Tatiana Loban-Gupta has tried to find a mate for more than three years. She was starting to lose hope when she caught Nick’s scent and her entire body lit up with need and longing. She’ll defy the rules of their people to answer the combustible chemistry between them, even though getting caught could ruin everything. But Nick’s family history is a wall between them she’s not sure she can breach. A fight with a werewolf pack and facing off against the other tiger males seems easy compared to fighting Nick’s demons. Convincing him to return to the Mate Run will be the hardest thing she’s ever had to do, but for Tatiana, failure is not an option.

(Tiger Shifters Book 5)

Trade Paperback: Amazon | B&N | Indie Bound Blackwells 

Can he win her heart in time to save her life...?

When adrenaline junkie and adventurer Rose Callaghan meets the man of her dreams and learns she’s carrying his child, she assumes she’ll be living her happily-ever-after. Until he accuses her of cheating on him and leaves. Four years later, she’s managing as a single parent, but her daughter is experiencing episodes of extreme pain and no one can tell her why or how to stop them. Rose swears she’ll do anything to help her daughter. She just doesn’t expect that “anything” to include facing her ex again. When he shows up out of nowhere offering answers, she takes him in. But his answers are the stuff of myth and make Rose start to doubt everything she’s ever known.

The first born son of a fanatical tiger shifter, Vlad Dubrovsky is prepared to abandon his family and his people to be with the human woman he loves. But when he finds out Rose is pregnant—something that’s impossible between a human and a tiger shifter—he returns to the tiger community heartbroken, convinced she’s betrayed him. Four years later, Vlad still wants Rose, and learning it is possible for them to have had a child together forces him to rethink everything he’s ever believed. But the only way to ensure Rose and her daughter are safe is to bring them into the tiger shifters’ world. A world full of powerful, deadly enemies who are just as fanatical as Vlad’s family, and just as intent on killing tiger-human hybrids. To protect the two people he loves most in the world, Vlad must convince Rose to trust him again...knowing his most difficult fight might just be for her heart.

(Tiger Shifters Book 6)

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He’ll stop at nothing to get revenge…until he meets her.

Ten years ago, tiger shifter Joseph Bennett lost everything to a human serial killer. His only thoughts now are of revenge and death, his emotions shut down so he can stalk his prey. Then she appears in the dead of night and changes everything. Joseph hates the changes, hates the returning feelings, and most of all, he hates the woman who started it—even as he can’t stay away from her. She cracks him open, and after all these years, he has no idea what monster will emerge from his black soul. He only knows that keeping her safe matters.

Socialite Paige Williams has remained silent about her brother’s crimes for years. When she meets Joseph, she knows she can’t keep her secrets any longer. But going after her brother comes with huge risks, because if he catches her, she’s dead. Her only hope is the emotionless tiger shifter whose presence sooths her battered soul and helps her find her inner strength. She never expects to fall in love with him.

As a killer stalks them, passion ignites a fire between them, fierce and hot. And when the flames part, they’ll either emerge whole…or dead.

(Tiger Shifters Book 7)

To save her, he’ll have to give her up…and she won’t let him go.

Dr. Ryan Yin hates his people’s mating laws, and he’s not the only tiger shifter male who feels that way. But the grumblings of some young males, led by an enigmatic and dangerous leader, threaten his people’s survival. Ryan’s very real disgust with the Mate Run allows him to infiltrate the group, where he hopes the information he finds can stave off a civil war. He never guesses the young males will go so far as to kidnap tigresses. Now Ryan has to find a way to keep the women alive and get them to safety before anyone else dies. He never expects that among the captives he’ll find his mate. Lakshmi is strong, fierce, and beautiful…and completely beyond his reach.

As a rare female tiger shifter, Lakshmi Das was promised by her people that in exchange for taking part in the Mate Run, she and the other tigresses would be safe from the violence and bloodshed of centuries past. Her people failed in that promise. Now Lakshmi is at the mercy of a crazy tiger and his followers who are intent on turning her into a slave mate. Her only hope of escape is the group’s sexy, delicious-smelling doctor, a tiger she can’t let herself trust but who draws her like no other man she’s ever met.

Escape will come at a price neither of them expects. They’ll have to defy their people’s laws if they have any hope of being together…but only if they can survive the vengeance of an insane shifter determined to start a rebellion.

(Tiger Shifters Book 8)

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An attraction too hot to resist, too dangerous to indulge…

Tiger shifter Dmitry Chernikov fell in the love with his brother’s head waitress the moment he saw her. Jane Emmerson is sexy, smart, stubborn…and absolutely perfect for him. Unfortunately, Jane makes it clear she’s done with men. All men. For six years, Dom has fought his feelings for the beautiful human woman, and for six years he’s managed to keep the peace between them. But when a family reunion brings him back to Eirene, Colorado—to Jane—six years of resistance crumble. Now he has to overcome her determination and convince her they’re meant for each other.

Jane Emmerson has very bad taste in men. If she’s attracted to a man, it’s a sure sign he’s bad news. When she moves back to Eirene after yet another disastrous relationship, she promises herself she’s done with romance for good. Then she meets Dom Chernikov. The deliciously sexy Dom tests her determination to remain single. Unfortunately, the very fact that she wants him means there must be something wrong with him. She can’t risk her heart again, not after working so hard to build a life for herself and her son. She doesn’t need a man. But oh, does she want this one.

(Tiger Shifters Book 9)

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Finding her muse breaks open her world…

Artist Amy Donovan never believed in muses—until one walked into her studio, bringing her art to life and setting her body alight with desire. Ethan Gupta is so mesmerizing, Amy can sense him before she sees him. But she’s too pragmatic, and too world-weary after the death of her parents, to imagine the gorgeous life model might have any interest in her. She has too much to do, and a younger sister to look after, to waste time pining for a man out of her reach.

Finding his mate, turns his world inside out…

After having his heart shattered two years earlier, tiger shifter Ethan Gupta has abandoned his people to live in the human world. Then he walks into an art studio and catches Amy’s scent. He’s drawn to her in a way that rocks his world and turns his life upside down. His inner torment intensifies with the knowledge that she wants him, too. He refuses to risk his heart and soul again, but despite his best effort, he can’t stay away from her.

And nothing will ever be the same for either of them…

When he discovers she’s being stalked by another tiger shifter, Ethan grabs the excuse to spend more time with her. But learning the identity of the stalker, and the reason he’s after Amy, changes everything. Because Amy is more than just a human woman. And the reality of her true nature will put her forever out of Ethan’s reach…unless he faces his inner demons and returns to the world he abandoned to fight for her.


Box Sets

(Tiger Shifters Box Set, Books 1 - 3)

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Enter the deadly and passionate world of the Tiger Shifters, Kat Simons’ bestselling paranormal romance series. As the tigers struggle against extinction and fight for their chosen mates, love will be the ultimate challenge, and not everything is as it seems.

Volume 1 contains Books 1 – 3 in this ongoing series.

(Tiger Shifters Box Set, Books 4 - 6)

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Return to the deadly and passionate world of the Tiger Shifters, Kat Simons’ bestselling paranormal romance series. As the tigers struggle against extinction and fight for their chosen mates, love will be the ultimate challenge, and not everything is as it seems.

Volume 2 contains books 4 – 6 in this ongoing series.


Standalone Books

A Cary Redmond-Tiger Shifters Crossover Paranormal Romance

Trade Paperback: Amazon B&N | Indie Bound Blackwells 
Large Print: Amazon | B&N | Indie Bound Blackwells 
Hardback: Amazon B&N | Indie Bound Blackwells 

Their world is not what it seems… 

Dylan Jones planned for this solar eclipse for two years. He got a prime site at one of the best locations in Oregon, and he intends to savor his last taste of freedom before he has to settled down and finish his Ph.D. thesis. He’s at the festival for sun pictures and maybe some all-night sky watching. And if he can manage it, some much needed time in his leopard form. He’s not there for a weekend fling. But the sexy genius in the site next to his proves too tempting to ignore. Something about Cat’s scent calls to his leopard, pulling him in like catnip, and he just can’t resist her.

Catalina Donovan came to Oregon for the solar eclipse, and only the eclipse. Getting away from New York and the constant pressure from the tiger shifter males to choose a mate only increases her determination to enjoy the festival. And the super hot guy in the camp site next to hers only adds spice to her vacation. There’s something about Dylan that draws her, something she can’t quite put her finger on. For someone like Cat, unraveling the puzzle of him is as tempting and enticing as his sexy voice.

But there’s more to Dylan than Cat knows. And more to their new relationship than Dylan wants to admit. As they countdown to the eclipse, and things between them heat up, Dylan must decide how much to admit to Cat, how much he dares tell a human. When tiger shifters show up to lay a claim to her, Dylan realizes he might just have to fight for her.

And a future neither of them expects.