Galileo's Pendulum


Movies May Murder
Cookies Can't Crime 


Ross and O'Neill Adventures

A Ross and O'Neill Adventure

Forging a legendary Galileo relic and selling it to a notorious crime boss thrusts restoration specialist Amber Ross and her treasure hunting partner Rick O’Neill into a desperate race to find the real artifact. A machine assumed to be myth. A device capable of more than most think.

Ross and O’Neill must uncover secrets long buried, mysteries that take them across the world, staying just ahead of those hunting them. And if they can’t solve the mystery and locate the real relic, neither will escape with their life.


Percy James Mysteries

Short Stories

A Percy James Mystery

Welcome to the Azur Regent

Percy James rarely trudges through a dull day at her job as a front desk clerk of a small boutique hotel on the Upper East Side. New York City draws all kinds, and a lot of the more interesting people end up at the Azur Regent. Percy loves the variety. Always a story to tell. Always something interesting happening.

But sometimes things can get maybe a little too interesting.

Because even small boutique hotels turn up occasional trouble. Like the guest room covered in blood.

Uncovering the culprit and keeping the other guests safe, all while not getting reprimanded by her boss… Percy will count that as a good day at work.

So long as no one dies.


A Percy James Mystery

Welcome back to the Azur Regent

Percy James doesn’t normally care which of the winter holidays she gets off. She loves working the front desk at the Azur Regent, a boutique hotel on the Upper East Side of New York City. But this year…this year she needs Christmas.

Getting a holiday off in the hospitality business? Notoriously tough. Getting the holiday you want? Almost impossible. At least with Percy’s manager. But this year, Percy has a plan. Win the annual cookie contest, get Christmas off.

The only problem… Two of the main players in the competition are missing.

Something weird is happening at the Azur Regent.

And Percy James has to figure it out.


A Percy James Mystery

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