Series Reading Orders

on the reading orders below

For all of the series, I've organized the books in Chronological Order. This means the short stories and novels in each series are interspersed depending on when they take place within the timelines of the series worlds. This may or may not be the order in which they were released.

For crossover novels and stories, they'll be listed within each series where they fall in that series' timeline.

In the Cary Redmond series, the novels should be read in order and the short stories set within the timeline of the main series novels should be read only after the previous novels have been read (if you don't like spoilers). The short stories that come before the first novel in the main series (THE TROUBLE WITH BLACK CATS AND DEMONS) can be read in any order you wish. They're provided in Chronological Order for fun, but not for necessity.

I'll add more books to each series as they are published, so you might like to check back to this page periodically to see the updates.

And finally, you might notice a few series listed below that haven't been published yet. Those are references to upcoming books and the series and their Chronological Reading orders will be updated as the books release.

Any questions, feel free to email me (just use the contact form in the sidebar)!

The Cary Redmond Series
Chronological Order

  • When Cary Met Jaxer (short story)
  • When Cary Met Pickles (short story)
  • When Cary Met Angie (short story)
  • When Cary Met Marianne (short story)
  • When Cary Met Lucy (short story)
  • Cary Holidays (short story) -- out November 2021
  • Cary vs the Goblin King (novella)
  • Cary and the Cursed Jack-o-Lantern (short story)
  • Cary and the Demon Witch (novella)
  • Cary Goes to Hawaii (novella)
  • The Trouble with Black Cats and Demons (novel; book 1 in main story arc)
  • The Trouble with Ghouls and Serial Killers (novel: book 2 in main story arc)
  • Cary and Deacon (Try to) Go on a Date (short story)
  • Date Night Take Two (short story)
  • Third Date's the Charm (short story)
  • The Trouble with Leopard Queens and Shifter Wars (novel; book 3 in main story arc)
  • Dinner with the Jones (novella)
  • The Trouble with Baby Gods and Vampires (novel; book 4 in main story arc)
  • The Trouble with Magic and Faery Curses (novel; book 5 in main story arc)
  • Romancing the Leopard (crossover novel with the Tiger Shifters)
  • Cary and Dragons and Goblins (novella) -- out December 2021
  • The Trouble with Wizards and Old Enemies (novel: book 6 in main story arc)--COMING January 2022

The Tiger Shifter Series
Chronological Order

  • Once Upon a Tiger
  • Along Came a Tiger
  • Here There Be Tigers
  • Her Tiger to Take
  • To Tempt a Tiger
  • Down Will Come Tiger
  • To Catch a Tiger
  • What a Tiger Wants
  • Taming Her Tiger
  • Romancing the Leopard (crossover Novel with Cary Redmond)

The Demon Witch Series
(Angie Jordon Books)
Chronological Order

  • Moonlit Strange (short story)
  • Bone Lantern Witch (novel: book 1)
  • Demon Witch Book TWO (Coming Soon)
  • Demon Witch Book THREE (Coming Soon)

The Seven Families
Chronological Order
*Coming Soon

Wolf Cycle
  • Darkness in Stone Book ONE
  • Seven Families Book TWO
  • Seven Families Book THREE