Cary Redmond Series

The Cary Redmond Series


(Cary Redmond, Book 1)

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Got Trouble?

Cary Redmond sure does. This time with a particularly sexy leopard shifter who seems to think she’s his mate, a faery mentor who’s suddenly made himself scarce, and an ancient demon searching for a mysterious, mystical source of power in the forest outside of town. Throw in a vulnerable kid for her to keep safe and it’s just another day in the life of Portland’s resident Protector—save the innocent, manage her private life, keep all hell from breaking loose, and try not to die.

Easy, right?

Oh boy.


(Cary Redmond, Book 2)

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Trouble Returns…

And Cary Redmond is once again up to her neck in it. When her supposed mate and possible boyfriend needs her help protecting shifter kids, she’s more than happy to dive in. Discovering ghouls behaving badly and a necromancer in need of protection launches her into the first mission of her seventh year as a Protector, a year she has to survive without help in order to come into her full powers.

But what with the serial killer on the loose, a mysterious wizard trying to kill her, a demon god, and a faery mentor acting really weird, who needs help, right?

It’s just a day in the life of a Protector, and another chance for Cary to keep all hell from breaking loose.



(Cary Redmond, Book 3)

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Trouble Takes a Holiday…

Though for Cary Redmond, meeting her shifter boyfriend’s mother for the first time doesn’t feel much like a vacation. Dealing with Deacon’s gorgeous ex-girlfriend, his complicated family, the truth about who he really is, her faery mentor’s emotional declarations, and the troublesome conflict escalating between the leopards and the cougars just adds spice to an already interesting month.

Cary’s used to surviving in the midst of chaos and impending preternatural wars. The real trick will be surviving Deacon’s protective mother who just happens to be the Queen of the Leopards.

Life in Cary’s seventh year as a Protector just keeps getting more interesting.

And more deadly.


(Cary Redmond, Book 4)

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Trouble Throws a Curve…

And not one Cary Redmond sees coming. In the early months of her seventh year as a magical Protector, discovering the Portland vampires behaving badly complicates Cary’s already complicated life. Learning the Master of Portland not only knows who she is but wants to meet her doesn’t help even a little bit.

With a wizard still skulking in the wings waiting to kill her and her latest Protector job tossing her into the middle of yet another crisis, the last thing Cary needs is vampire trouble. Even her developing relationship with her leopard shifter mate isn’t enough to distract from the shocks that just keep coming. And surviving her test year starts to look more and more impossible.

But she’s managed so far, she can get through this latest disaster. No problem for an ordinary woman with an extraordinary job…

If only life were that simple.


(Cary Redmond, Book 5)

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Trouble’s in the Curses…

Halfway through her test year as a magical Protector, Cary Redmond is starting to think she just might survive. With her leopard shifter mate at her side, she’s even managed to enjoy parts of the journey.

Then her latest job reveals trouble brewing in Faery. Trouble that could affect all the realms and seriously complicate her test year. The path of danger points to the English Faery court—and her former mentor, Jaxer. She wants to help her friend, even though their current relationship can best be described as complicated. But stepping into a realm made entirely of magic, when she’s just discovered she can absorb magic, seems like a bad idea. Especially since she hasn’t learned how to release that magic yet.

With a world-ending threat looming, even Cary’s bosses want her to go. And she won’t be going alone. Both her mate and her mentor will be at her back. But to save the world this time, Cary has to confront her greatest fears. And the knowledge that if she fails…

Her own realm will fall.


(Cary Redmond Book 6)

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Trouble with a Vengeance…

In her seventh year as a magical Protector, Cary Redmond has faced down more world-ending, life-or-death situations than she cares to remember. And now that she’s discovered she’s not as ordinary as she thought, finding ways to not die is getting even tougher. Especially with all the enemies she’s collected while saving good guys from bad guys.

So when her latest job forces her to confront too many of these old enemies, Cary desperately wants to refuse. Unfortunately, walking away is not an option, thanks to more of that world-ending trouble so common in her life.

With the help of her leopard shifter mate, Cary once again faces overwhelming odds in a quest to save the world.

And hopefully not die.


(Cary Redmond Book 7)

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Trouble’s Last Stand...

Magical Protector Cary Redmond has not been enjoying her test year. Discovering she absorbs magic, figuring out how to release that magic, and dealing with enemies from her past regularly complicates her life. Her seventh year has been overflowing with Trouble. And way too many demons and vampires

Now, with only two months left to go, Cary must face her greatest enemy again. Not to stop him. But to protect him.

Family squabbles suck. And when they involve demons, chances of realm destruction are high. Cary will need all the help she can get in this epic stand against the forces of evil. Because if she can’t stop the demons this time…

Her world will burn.


Short Stories and Novellas

(A Cary Redmond Short Story)
See how it all began. When Cary Met Jaxer.


When Cary met Jaxer, her life changed forever. Not that she wasn’t already looking for a change. But still. Rethinking her career goals is one thing. Finding out the world is a lot spookier than she knew, quite another.

Cary never intends to jump head first into that strange, new world. But for a soft hearted animal lover, there are just some things she can’t allow. And seeing a poor little Labrador puppy taking abuse from a huge man pushes her beyond her tolerance…right into one of the scariest moments of her life.

And the beginnings of a new adventure she may not survive.


(A Cary Redmond Short Story)


A new job, a new house, a new demon dog… And so much to learn.

Cary Redmond has a lot of study ahead of her if she wants to survive her new job as a magical Protector. Study means books. And books mean spending time in a bookstore—something she will never object to. However, the place her mentor sends her isn’t an ordinary bookstore. And the clientele are more than what they seem.

But with the help of The Bookstore’s proprietor and the resident basset hound, Cary is sure she can navigate this new world without getting eaten by anything.



(A Cary Redmond Short Story)


All women need more pockets in their clothes…

Except Cary Redmond has found in her new job as a magical Protector standard pockets do not hold up to the abuse. After losing her keys—again—she seeks the help of a friend from her pre-Protector life. Marianne is an animal lover, a devoted fan of 80s music, agrees wholeheartedly that pineapple does not belong on pizza, and best of all, is a seamstress.

Their friendship was meant to be.

But there is more to Marianne than meets the eye. And in this new world of magic and mayhem, Cary is learning everybody really does want to rule the world.


(A Cary Redmond Short Story)


In Cary Redmond’s life as a Protector, magic does not always cause the mayhem…

Running into the darkness under a bridge is not the sort of thing an ordinary woman should do late at night. But for Cary Redmond, it’s just part of her job as a magical Protector. And frankly, after the not-so-fun dinner with her parents, charging into danger to rescue the innocent seems like a good idea. Almost as good as the donut she was going to have before her Protector senses went off.

What she discovers in those midnight shadows, however, changes her perspective completely on women running into the darkness under a bridge. And sets the stage for a brand new friendship.


(A Cary Redmond Short Story)


For Cary Redmond, sometimes the mayhem really is all about the magic…

After only a few months as a Protector, Cary’s got the basics of the job down. Get between the good guy and the bad guy. Good guy survives. Everyone’s happy. Except the bad guy, of course, but they don’t really count.

Introduce magic into that equation, however, and Cary knows she’s out of her league. A magic problem needs a magic solution. And while the super powerful witch who comes to her aid isn’t exactly what Cary expects, she’ll take all the help she can get. She might even survive the night, with a little help from her newest friend.


(A Cary Redmond Short Story)


Going on an ordinary date should not be this tough…

Despite knowing each other for two months, and surviving more than one dangerous adventure together, Cary Redmond and her leopard shifter mate have never managed a regular date. A first date.
An event which carries a significance that unnerves Cary. How can she be this worried about going to a movie with a man she’s fought demons with? And seen naked.
But of course, for Portland’s resident Protector, even the simple things in life prove complicated. And when someone needs her help, Cary doesn’t dare avoid her job…even on a date.

Author’s Note: This story takes place between the end of The Trouble with Ghouls and Serial Killers (Book 2 in the Cary Redmond series) and The Trouble with Leopard Queens and Shifter Wars (Book 3 in the Cary Redmond series). There may be some spoilers for the main series, though this story is made to be a standalone.


(A Cary Redmond Short Story)


If at first you don’t succeed…

Cary Redmond’s first attempt at a real date with her leopard shifter mate definitely did not go according to plan. In fact, the date went so disastrously wrong, they decide to try again. Clean slate. Another movie. Another dinner reservation.

Another interruption she can’t ignore.

Wizard and vampire fights wait for no woman. And as Portland’s resident magical Protector, Cary has to answer the call of someone in danger. No matter the cost.

Author’s Note: This story takes place between the end of The Trouble with Ghouls and Serial Killers (Book 2 in the Cary Redmond series) and The Trouble with Leopard Queens and Shifter Wars (Book 3 in the Cary Redmond series). There may be some spoilers for the main series.


(A Cary Redmond Short Story)


Third time’s the charm. Right?

For Cary Redmond, Portland’s resident magical Protector, going on a simple date with her leopard shifter mate is proving almost impossible. Really, she just wants to get through dinner. After two failed attempts, Cary and Deacon are determined to make this date work.

They even make it all the way to the starter course.

But bad guys show no respect for a magical Protector’s romantic life. And Cary can’t ignore her job when there’s danger. Because if she does, people die.

Author’s Note: This story takes place between the end of The Trouble with Ghouls and Serial Killers (Book 2 in the Cary Redmond series) and The Trouble with Leopard Queens and Shifter Wars (Book 3 in the Cary Redmond series). There may be some spoilers for the main series.


(A Cary Redmond Novella)

Protectors don’t get nights off…

Girls’ night means different things to different groups of friends. For Cary Redmond and her three closest friends, it means staying in and watching a classic 80s film while eating Mexican food and drinking margaritas. The perfect evening, with the perfect company…

Until an unexpected guest crashes the party. Literally.

In the ensuing wreckage, Cary discovers her night off has just become a work night. Since she’s a magical Protector, she’s used to diving in to keep the good guys safe from the bad guys. But this time, it’s her dearest friends in danger.

And no one, not even the Goblin King, messes with Cary’s friends.


(A Cary Redmond Novella)

A family dinner with leopard shifters…what could go wrong?

Cary Redmond’s first introduction to her leopard shifter boyfriend’s family proved a little more interesting and fraught than she might have liked. Okay, the trip was a disaster. So Deacon’s mother declares a do-over. And no one argues with the Jones family matriarch. They even agree to come up to Portland, into Cary’s territory, for the big meal.

What could possibly go wrong?

Unfortunately, in Cary’s world, anything that can, usually does. And when her bosses show up with a job, she can’t refuse. Magical Protectors don’t get time off for family events…

Not when there are innocent people to protect and monsters on the loose.


(A Cary Redmond Short Story)

Who knew pumpkins could do that?

Cary Redmond encounters a lot of unusual things in her life as a magical Protector. A cursed Jack-O’-Lantern, however, is new. But since the creepy pumpkin is in her best friend’s place of business, Cary is quick to help.

The only problem is she has no idea how to stop a curse. Or a pumpkin. Or, really anything. Getting between bad guys and good guys…she does that all day long. Stopping a deadly pumpkin come to life…not so much.

But Cary is up for the challenge. At least, she hopes so.

Because if she’s not, it could cost her her best friend’s life.


Cary and the Demon Witch cover
(A Cary Redmond Novella)

When her best friend’s mysterious past comes calling…

Cary Redmond is prepared to step in.

Although powerful witch, Angie Jordan, is one of Cary’s closest friends, there are parts of Angie’s past she refuses to talk about. Things she’s hinted at but always avoids explaining. Demon related things. And while Cary is very curious about that past, she also respects her friend’s privacy. After all, everyone should be allowed their secrets.

But when someone out of Angie’s past comes to town and threatens her family, Cary doesn’t hesitate to throw herself between this threat and her friend. She might not understand the undertone, but she can keep Angie and her family from getting hurt. After all, it’s her job as a magical Protector.

And what good is being a magical Protector if you can’t stand between your friends and disaster?


Cary Goes to Hawaii Cover
(A Cary Redmond Novella)

All vacations are not created equal…

And as far as magical Protector Cary Redmond is concerned, going to Hawaii with her best friends ranks at the top of the list. No work, no magical Protector business, no jumping between good guys and bad guys to keep good guys safe. For two whole weeks. She gets to enjoy sun, sea, and tropical breezes without any paranormal chaos. Couldn’t get any better than that.

Except Cary’s life bends toward chaos, no matter what she tries. And when paranormal danger rears its head, Cary has to answer the call. Even if it means facing one of her greatest fears.

Because her best friend’s future is on the line.

cover art for Cary Holidays
(A Cary Redmond Short Story)

A quiet holiday shouldn’t be too much to ask…
Unless of course your name is Cary Redmond and your job title is Magical Protector. But in the days leading up to Christmas, in her second year as a Protector, Cary might just get the quiet time off she hopes for.

Nothing to do but watch Christmas movies, drink Christmas coffee, maybe even decorate for the season. No shapeshifter trouble. No vampires up to no good. No demons popping in to threaten death. Just peace and quiet. Lots and lots of quiet.

Until, of course, her new Christmas tree reveals a surprising complication...

That is anything but peaceful.


(A Cary Redmond Novella)

When a dragon asks if you’re a Protector, you say…yes!

Then agree to go help the dragon and his hero because… Well, he’s a dragon.

After her last deadly adventure into Faery, Cary Redmond needs time to heal and recover. Still shaken, and shaky, flying off on dragon back to do her Protector thing seems like a bad idea.

But courting death marks Cary’s life. With kids in trouble, goblins on the loose, and a pair of heroes in need, Cary races to the rescue. Again.

All in a night’s work for a Protector.


(A Cary Redmond Short Story)

Who needs Valentine’s Day when you have Trouble…

For Cary Redmond, Portland’s resident magical Protector, a simple night out with her friends to celebrate an alternative to Valentine’s Day should involve good food, too much wine, and plenty of girl talk. What it actually involves is…a lot more dangerous.

But saving the innocent is what Cary does. Even on pretend national holidays.

And when called to save someone from the manipulative dangers of a wizard, Cary races to the rescue. Her friends at her back. Her wine buzz left behind.

Because no one messes with love on Cary’s watch.


CARY AT THE HAUNT AND HOWL -- Coming October 2022
(A Cary Redmond Novella)

Anthologies, Collections, and Box Sets

(A Cary Redmond Short Story Anthology)
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See how it all got started.

Cary Redmond is just an ordinary woman contemplating a new career when she gets “tricked” into the life of a magical Protector. A paying job, which is always good, but still, not exactly something she’d trained for.

Her first year’s introduction to magic and mystery proves eventful, and not always in a good way. But as Cary learns to survive her new job, she meets some of the most important people (and pets!) in her life.

These are their stories…
When Cary Met Jaxer
When Cary Met Pickles
When Cary Met Marianne
When Cary Met Angie
When Cary Met Lucy


(A Cary Redmond Short Story Anthology)

Is one normal night out really too much to ask…?

All Cary Redmond wants is to go on a date with her new leopard shifter boyfriend. Just one normal, ordinary date. Other people go on dates all the time. Cary and Deacon should be able to manage at least one. That shouldn’t be too much to ask, right?


Being a magical Protector complicates everything in Cary’s life, including her ability to have a life. Dating and getting to know her boyfriend’s family of powerful shifters is stressful enough. The last thing she needs is constant disruptions and disaster. Unfortunately, Cary’s life is always full of trouble.

And when innocent people are in danger, Cary has to help.

Stories in the anthology:
Cary and Deacon (Try to) Go on a Date
Date Night Take Two
Third Date’s the Charm
Dinner with the Joneses


(A Cary Redmond Short Story Anthology)

Don’t mess with a magical Protector’s best friends…

For magical Protector Cary Redmond, nothing is more important than her family and her friends. And that means standing behind her friends—or in her case, in front of them—whenever they need her help. She’s there when they call. No matter what dangers they face.

Even when those dangers rub against her biggest fears.

Nothing stops Cary from getting between her friends and the bad guys. Because no one messes with the people Cary loves.

Don’t miss this collection of three action-packed Cary Redmond novellas. And find out just how far Cary will go to save the people she loves.

Stories in the collection:
Cary vs the Goblin King
Cary Goes to Hawaii
Cary and the Demon Witch



Magical Protector Cary Redmond’s got trouble with a capital T.

A sexy leopard shifter with a mysterious past claiming Cary as his mate. A Faery mentor with ulterior motives. Demons on the loose. Innocent people in danger. A sudden change to Cary’s job. An uncertain future. And a few world-ending disasters to stop.

Yup. Trouble.

All in a day’s work for Portland’s resident Protector. So long as she survives.