Demon Witch Series

 Demon Witch Series

HOWLING DREADFUL, A Demon Witch Novella Prequel
-- Out August 23, 2022

A demon plague is not a fun meet cute…

Angie Jordan, powerful witch and psychic, should be focused on midterms and getting through college. Not hunting demons. That’s a demon hunter’s job. But when the hunter who saved her life as a child returns and asks a favor, Angie can’t refuse.

When that hunter brings her protégé, and he’s gorgeous and has a sexy English accent… Well, that’s just rude.

Angie knows more about the demon realms than any witch should. Stopping those who would unleash a plague on her world is a calling she must answer. Even if that means doing a job she’s not meant to do. She can’t afford the distraction of a sexy accent and gorgeous eyes. Not if she wants to survive.

Failure means the devastation and destruction of everything she holds dear.

But success could cost her her soul.


MOONLIT STRANGE, A Demon Witch Short Story Prequel

She’s a witch in a demon hunter’s world…

Angela Jordan is a witch with a very particular set of skills. One of those skills has her embroiled in the demon hunter world. Not her calling. But the hunt still lures her in. Confronting the kinds of nightmares most humans never have to face, Angie accepts the work though she wouldn’t go so far as to say she enjoys it. Still, demon hunting keeps her close to the man she loves. And saving innocent lives is worth the danger.

But ensuring demons aren’t loosed on the human realm comes at a cost. One that might be too high for Angie to pay.


BONE LANTERN WITCH, A Demon Witch Novel, Book 1

The demons call and magic answers…

When hunting demons nearly kills her, witch Angie Jordan runs away to New York City, takes a job reading fortunes, and spends two years trying to forget her past. She was born to be a witch, not a demon hunter. Escaping that world means giving up the love of her life, a man who could no more resist the hunt than she could refuse the call of magic. That sacrifice is one of the hardest things she’s ever done. But staying with Sebastian means living in a world that will eventually destroy everything she loves. And she doesn’t dare take that risk.

The demon realms are restless and persistent, though, almost as persistent as Sebastian, dragging her back to the hunt. This time, a young girl is in danger, and Angie can’t refuse to help. But in her quest to rescue the innocent, dark secrets emerge, threatening everything Angie has built, plunging her into a deadly battle that pits the will of a demon against her magic. She must face her deepest fears, and the haunting shadow of a love she just can’t quit.

Because in a fight where the strongest will wins, Angie has to find that inner strength…

Or die.


SPIDERWEB WITCH, A Demon Witch Novel, Book 2
Out September 2022