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Joan of Kerry Series

A Joan of Kerry Short Story

Ancient monsters beware…
Joan has spent her life facing down the monsters that no one else can defeat. But the rise of dark, hungry beings in the fields of Ireland brings portents of something more ancient and deadly. A monster out of myth. And a plague of death that could destroy everything in its wake.

Joan is all that stands between this rising evil and her home. Just her. Her sword. And her one true ally.

All in a night’s work, for a hero and her dragon.

A Joan of Kerry Short Story

Monsters aren’t her only problem… 

For Joan, having a dragon best friend and heroing buddy means dealing with sneaky leprechauns. All the time. Because her dragon’s scales are made of gold. And nothing calls to a leprechaun like gold.

So when one of cunning devils steals off with some of those golden scales, Joan rushes in to retrieve the valuable prize. Only to discover a predicament more complicated and deadly than she expects. A situation that requires a hero.

Joan takes up her sword, once again answering the call to protect innocent lives.

Another quest for a hero and her dragon.

A Joan of Kerry Novella

When an ancient monster arises from the deep…

Joan and her dragon fly to the rescue. Spotting a kraken wrapped around a spit of land off the west coast of Ireland, Joan knows time is against her. When the sun rises, the sea spray and mists won’t hide the mythical monster from human view, or protect humans from the creature’s deadly tentacles.

Getting the kraken away from human habitation proves challenging. And when Joan spots a grounded fishing boat, which the kraken refuses to release, Joan fears the creature has already claimed its first victim.

Facing a kraken, without getting killed, tests even an experienced hero and her dragon. But that’s the job. A job Joan was born to do.

Just her. Her sword. And her dragon.


Haunts and Howls Collections

A Contemporary Fantasy Short Story Collection

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Between haunts and howls…new guardians rise.

In mystical worlds of deadly magic and danger, the innocent need heroes, guardians, protectors to stand in the way of evil, to keep the world safe and balanced—even if the imperiled never realize trouble looms just out of sight.

Reluctant heroes strive to do whatever they must in these five short stories of contemporary fantasy, where nothing is as it seems. Where wizards and faeries lurk, and shapeshifters prowl. Where magic swells to both hurt and heal. And where destiny calls those fated to save the world.

For readers who love dark tales of mystery and magic, with heroes fated to keep innocent people safe, don’t miss this exciting collection from bestselling author Kat Simons. Including a brand new story in the action-packed urban fantasy Cary Redmond series.

A Contemporary Fantasy Short Story Collection 


Trade Print: Amazon | B&N | Book Depository | Indie Bound 

Dare to tread where demons prowl…

Hidden beneath the surface of the everyday world. Lurking in darkness. Haunting the shadows. Looming just outside the light. The demons call to the unwary, leaving the unsuspecting to fend off doom.

Where demons cavort, heroes arise to battle the encroaching evil. Needing everything they’ve got. Magic. Will. Bravery. And hope for the return of the light.

For lovers of spooky fantasy tales, don’t miss this collection of five original contemporary fantasy stories from bestselling author Kat Simons, including an all new Demon Hunter story.


Other Books

A Cary Redmond-Tiger Shifters Crossover Paranormal Romance

Large Print: Amazon | B&N | Book Depository | Indie Bound 

Their world is not what it seems… 

Dylan Jones planned for this solar eclipse for two years. He got a prime site at one of the best locations in Oregon, and he intends to savor his last taste of freedom before he has to settled down and finish his Ph.D. thesis. He’s at the festival for sun pictures and maybe some all-night sky watching. And if he can manage it, some much needed time in his leopard form. He’s not there for a weekend fling. But the sexy genius in the site next to his proves too tempting to ignore. Something about Cat’s scent calls to his leopard, pulling him in like catnip, and he just can’t resist her.

Catalina Donovan came to Oregon for the solar eclipse, and only the eclipse. Getting away from New York and the constant pressure from the tiger shifter males to choose a mate only increases her determination to enjoy the festival. And the super hot guy in the camp site next to hers only adds spice to her vacation. There’s something about Dylan that draws her, something she can’t quite put her finger on. For someone like Cat, unraveling the puzzle of him is as tempting and enticing as his sexy voice.

But there’s more to Dylan than Cat knows. And more to their new relationship than Dylan wants to admit. As they countdown to the eclipse, and things between them heat up, Dylan must decide how much to admit to Cat, how much he dares tell a human. When tiger shifters show up to lay a claim to her, Dylan realizes he might just have to fight for her.

And a future neither of them expects.


(A contemporary fantasy short story)

A cold, foggy night in a graveyard.

A mythical monster on the prowl. And only the magic he brought with him to help.

Charles never thought he’d have to challenge his mentor and teacher, a wizard whose powers far exceeded his own. But when his teacher turns to the unthinkable, and bodies start piling up, Charles knows his time has run out.

To end the violence, Charles must best his teacher in a battle of magic, trapped inside a mystical domain. The only way out… Victory.

Or death.

Tombstone Wizard is also published in the short story collection, HAUNTS AND HOWLS AND GUARDIAN SPELLS


(A fantasy short story -- ancient prequel to the Cary Redmond Series)

The fate of her clan depends on the strength of her sword…

In the land of the Fae, when clans go to war, destruction spreads throughout the realm. To prevent disaster, the clans fight ritual battles through single combatants. One warrior, standing between her people and utter devastation.

Lilia knows that losing the coming fight will mean the end of her people. Everything rests on her shoulders, and her sword. Her ability to stand against the powerful magic of their greatest enemy.

Because if her strength falters…

Her people will die.

The Unshattered Sword is also published in the short story collection, HAUNTS AND HOWLS AND GUARDIAN SPELLS


(A Contemporary Fantasy Novella)

Her future holds more danger, magic, and…cats than she anticipated.

When Erica Randal learns her beloved aunt has disappeared, she rushes home, desperate to find her. But when she arrives, everything in her aunt’s house appears normal. Except for the missing cats.

No cats means big trouble.

Instead of the simple explanation Erica hopes for, she discovers her aunt is not who she thought. Magic is real. Deadly enemies gather to overwhelm her world. And a powerful destiny awaits her.

If she’s brave enough to embrace it.

Destiny Through the Cats Eyes is also published in the short story collection, HAUNTS AND HOWLS AND GUARDIAN SPELLS


(A Contemporary Fantasy Short Story)

Completing the job isn’t the hard part. The hard part is finding the way home…

Teri collects difficult things. All kinds of things. From many different realms. For a lot of different people. Sometimes dangerous people. Sometimes desperate people. Sometimes they’re both. And sometimes the things they want prove almost impossible to find.

She specializes in those things.

Teri’s good at her job. And she gets paid well for her work. But once on a job, she’s got one way, and only one way, home. Collect the difficult thing. Then find the doorway back to her realm.

If she succeeds, she gets paid. And gets to go home. But if she fails…

She’ll never see the ones she loves again.

Going Out of Business: Everything's for Sale is also published in the short story collection, HAUNTS AND HOWLS AND GUARDIAN SPELLS