April 20, 2020

Another Short Story and a New Novel Coming Soon

The latest short story in the Cary Redmond series is out now! This origin story shows how Cary met another of her best friends, Angie Jordan, the powerful witch with a mysterious past (which you'll get more hints of in Book 3 of the series!)

A Cary Redmond Short Story
Available in Ebook everywhere!

For Cary Redmond, sometimes the mayhem really is all about the magic…

After only a few months as a Protector, Cary’s got the basics of the job down. Get between the good guy and the bad guy. Good guy survives. Everyone’s happy. Except the bad guy, of course, but they don’t really count.

Introduce magic into that equation, however, and Cary knows she’s out of her league. A magic problem needs a magic solution. And while the super powerful witch who comes to her aid isn’t exactly what Cary expects, she’ll take all the help she can get. She might even survive the night, with a little help from her newest friend.

Book 3 in the main series, THE TROUBLE WITH LEOPARD QUEENS AND SHIFTER WARS will be out on May 12, 2020! The eBook should be available for preorder soon at all the vendors. The release of the print editions may be a bit delayed, though, because of all the current craziness in the world. For you print readers, I'll keep you updated here and hopefully the books will be available as soon as possible around release.

I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy! Please take care of yourselves. And if you have the ability to, Happy Reading!