March 25, 2020

A New Release in a Time of Weirdness

Hello! I hope everyone is safe and healthy!

I'm a little late posting this because even though we're all trapped in our homes for COVID-19 reasons, my schedule with school-aged kids around all the time has gotten more hectic rather than less. I'm currently jumping back and forth from typing this to helping my oldest with his math.

Ah well. It's for the greater good. And I'm happy to have them home safe while the world is a bit chaotic. I hope you're all staying safe as well!

In the meantime, in the midst of the transition to this new normal last week, I had a short story release. It feels very weird to even talk about that, but since I've been finding solace and support in fiction, I figure others probably are too. So here's the new book and link:

When Cary Met Lucy
A Cary Redmond Short Story
Out Now!

In Cary Redmond’s life as a Protector, magic does not always cause the mayhem…

Running into the darkness under a bridge is not the sort of thing an ordinary woman should do late at night. But for Cary Redmond, it’s just part of her job as a magical Protector. And frankly, after the not-so-fun dinner with her parents, charging into danger to rescue the innocent seems like a good idea. Almost as good as the donut she was going to have before her Protector senses went off.

What she discovers in those midnight shadows, however, changes her perspective completely on women running into the darkness under a bridge. And sets the stage for a brand new friendship.


Another Cary Redmond short story just went up for preorder, releasing next month--When Cary Met Angie. And in May--so long as nothing else goes haywire in the world--the next Cary Redmond novel will be out. I should have the preorder up for that around mid-April and will update the information here.

As always, you can join my newsletter for quicker updates, or follow my author pages at your favorite book vendor, or just check back here when you're interested.

Again, I hope you all are able to stay safe and healthy in these crazy times! Good luck! And good reading!