February 11, 2020

When Cary Met Marianne...

The next short story in the Cary Redmond series is out now! This one once again goes back in time to Cary's early months as a Protector, and we meet one of her dearest friends--who has some secrets of her own.

A Cary Redmond Short Story

All women need more pockets in their clothes…

Except Cary Redmond has found in her new job as a magical Protector standard pockets do not hold up to the abuse. After losing her keys—again—she seeks the help of a friend from her pre-Protector life. Marianne is an animal lover, a devoted fan of 80s music, agrees wholeheartedly that pineapple does not belong on pizza, and best of all, is a seamstress.

Their friendship was meant to be.

But there is more to Marianne than meets the eye. And in this new world of magic and mayhem, Cary is learning everybody really does want to rule the world.


When Cary Met Marianne takes place about six months after Cary was "tricked" into becoming a Protector, and in the timeline, happens after When Cary Met Jaxer and When Cary Met Pickles. Watch out for Cary's first meeting with Lucy next month!

And coming later this spring, the next novel in the Cary Redmond series with be out! Keep checking back for updates, or you can join my monthly newsletter for information on new releases, a free and exclusive short story in the Tiger Shifters world, and occasional pictures of my baking experiments.

Happy Reading!