January 14, 2020

The Trouble with Ghouls and Serial Killers...

Is that Cary Redmond has to deal with them.

Our intrepid heroine is back! In book two, she's officially entered her seventh year as a Protector and things are getting...interesting.

The book is out now in ebook, print, and large print editions (or it's supposed to be. The print editions are still propagating out to the various venders, but they'll be there soon!)

A Cary Redmond Novel, Book 2
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Trouble Returns…

And Cary Redmond is once again up to her neck in it. When her supposed mate and possible boyfriend needs her help protecting shifter kids, she’s more than happy to dive in. Discovering ghouls behaving badly and a necromancer in need of protection launches her into the first mission of her seventh year as a Protector, a year she has to survive without help in order to come into her full powers.

But what with the serial killer on the loose, a mysterious wizard trying to kill her, a demon god, and a faery mentor acting really weird, who needs help, right?

It’s just a day in the life of a Protector, and another chance for Cary to keep all hell from breaking loose.



If you're enjoying Cary's adventures and want to read more about her history before the series started, I have a few short stories out now with more on the way. Start with When Cary Met Jaxer. And look out for When Cary Met Marianne on February 11th!

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