December 08, 2020

A Collection and an Equinox Wish

NEW RELEASE: WHEN CARY MET THE GOOD GUYS, a collection of the origin meet-up stories from the Cary Redmond series is out now! The collection is available in ebook and print for those who prefer print.

Cover: When Cary Met the Good Guys
WHEN CARY MET THE GOOD GUYS, A Cary Redmond Short Story Anthology

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See how it all got started.

Cary Redmond is just an ordinary woman contemplating a new career when she gets “tricked” into the life of a magical Protector. A paying job, which is always good, but still, not exactly something she’d trained for.

Her first year’s introduction to magic and mystery proves eventful, and not always in a good way. But as Cary learns to survive her new job, she meets some of the most important people (and pets!) in her life.

These are their stories… 

When Cary Met Jaxer
When Cary Met Pickles
When Cary Met Marianne
When Cary Met Angie
When Cary Met Lucy


COVER REVEAL: For those of you reading the full series, the next book, Book 5 THE TROUBLE WITH MAGIC AND FAERY CURSES, will be out next month! So long as there's no glitches in the system. And for a little teaser, here's the beautiful cover my cover artist made for the book!

Isn't it pretty!?! I love the covers Evernight Designs is doing for me on the main series (and the collections cover above!). Look out for the release information next month.


Cooler weather in the northern hemisphere, warmer in the south, a midpoint in the year from all sides. Here's to hoping this month brings you peace, health, and safety this season and in this chaotic and difficult time. And also that you find many good books to read.