April 13, 2021

New Collection of Short Stories

Welcome to April! And as the weather warms here in the Northern Hemisphere (sort of), I have a new collection of short stories in the Cary Redmond series out now! This anthology is available in ebook and print for you print readers (Trade and Large Print editions).

Cover art for Dates, Dinners, and Other Disasters, A Cary Redmond Short Story Anthology

A Cary Redmond Short Story Anthology

Is one normal night out really too much to ask…?
All Cary Redmond wants is to go on a date with her new leopard shifter boyfriend. Just one normal, ordinary date. Other people go on dates all the time. Cary and Deacon should be able to manage at least one. That shouldn’t be too much to ask, right?


Being a magical Protector complicates everything in Cary’s life, including her ability to have a life. Dating and getting to know her boyfriend’s family of powerful shifters is stressful enough. The last thing she needs is constant disruptions and disaster. Unfortunately, Cary’s life is always full of trouble.

And when innocent people are in danger, Cary has to help.
Stories in the anthology:
Cary and Deacon (Try to) Go on a Date
Date Night Take Two
Third Date’s the Charm
Dinner with the Joneses


Next month look out for the release of my new Paranormal Romance novel that crosses over the Cary Redmond world and the Tigers Shifters world! 

ROMANCING THE LEOPARD is available for preorder now and will be releasing May 11, 2021 in ebook and print (large and trade editions).

Until then, have a safe April!
Happy Reading!