April 12, 2022

Welcoming the Seasonal Change

Happy Spring or Fall, depending on your hemisphere! I hope the changing seasons are treating you well.

This month, I have a new collection out. This one of three novellas in the Cary Redmond Series. WITCHES AND WEAVERS AND GHOSTS, OH BOY features Cary and her three best friends and some of their more interesting adventures. Each novella has been published independently, but the collection is the first time any of these stories has been in print. The print editions are available in both Trade and Large Print editions.

The universal link to the eBooks also now has links to available markets for paperbacks as well, and should pick up your geolocation and therefore the appropriate markets where you can get the paperbacks. (At least, this is how it's supposed to work. Let me know if it doesn't!) 

Additionally, you can always request either eBook or print copies at your local libraries. Talk to your librarian!

Cover art for Witches and Weavers and Ghosts, Oh Boy
A Cary Redmond Short Story Anthology

Don’t mess with a magical Protector’s best friends…

For magical Protector Cary Redmond, nothing is more important than her family and her friends. And that means standing behind her friends—or in her case, in front of them—whenever they need her help. She’s there when they call. No matter what dangers they face.

Even when those dangers rub against her biggest fears.

Nothing stops Cary from getting between her friends and the bad guys. Because no one messes with the people Cary loves.

Don’t miss this collection of three action-packed Cary Redmond novellas. And find out just how far Cary will go to save the people she loves.

Stories in the collection:
Cary vs the Goblin King
Cary Goes to Hawaii
Cary and the Demon Witch


Next month, the seventh novel in the Cary Redmond series, THE TROUBLE WITH DEATH AND DEMON GODS releases! Preorder is available now. My cover artist did a beautiful job on the cover. I really think she captured the tone and feel of this book.

Cover art for The Trouble with Death and Demon Gods (Cary Redmond Book 7)

I'm very excited about this book. I hope readers will enjoy it too. It's currently up for preorder and will be available in eBook, Trade paperback, and Large Print editions.

Until next month, happy Reading!