October 26, 2022

Heads up on a SALE!

Just in time for Halloween and to celebrate the best month and holiday for a paranormal romance writer and reader, ROMANCING THE LEOPARD is on sale for FREE for a limited time.

This is the crossover novel between the Cary Redmond series and the Tiger Shifters series, so if you've enjoyed either of those series, you will enjoy this one. It's also designed to stand alone, so even if you haven't tired the other series yet, you can still pick this up while it's on sale and enjoy it.

Sale ends on November 6th, so this is your chance to pick up the book!

Also don't forget, CARY AT THE HAUNT AND HOWL is also out now as a stand alone ebook!

Lots and lots of fun urban fantasy and paranormal fiction for Halloween.

Happy reading!