October 11, 2022

Spooky Month Brings Spooky Releases!

Happy Spooky Month!! The paranormal writer and readers month to celebrate all things paranormal and spooky *grin* And to celebrate, I have a spooky collection out!

HAUNTS AND HOWLS WHERE DEMONS DWELL is available in eBook, trade paperback, and large print editions. 

This is another collection of contemporary fantasy, like the collection last year, except with a demon theme. Because...well, demons. There are also a lot of witches, some vampires, a mystery, a now-for-something-a-little-different story, and more! There are also links to the Demon Witch series in two of the five stories, and an Easter egg for the Cary Redmond series in another--though that one might be too subtle to catch. The collection was really fun to put together and I hope readers enjoy!

For Print readers, there's a hang up with the large print edition which is delaying the distribution. Just slow, but the books will be out soon. The trade print edition is still populating through the channels, so check back for those additional links too. The book should be everywhere soon. The universal link that leads to the eBook vendors will also have the print links added in as I get them, too, so you can always just check that link. Thanks!

Trade paperback: Amazon | B&N | Book Depository | Indie Bound 
LARGE print paperback: Amazon | B&N | Book Depository | Indie Bound | (last link coming soon!)

Dare to tread where demons prowl…


Hidden beneath the surface of the everyday world. Lurking in darkness. Haunting the shadows. Looming just outside the light. The demons call to the unwary, leaving the unsuspecting to fend off doom.

Where demons cavort, heroes arise to battle the encroaching evil. Needing everything they’ve got. Magic. Will. Bravery. And hope for the return of the light.

For lovers of spooky fantasy tales, don’t miss this collection of five original contemporary fantasy stories from bestselling author Kat Simons, including an all new Demon Hunter story.


And speaking of Haunts and Howls, at the end of the month, I have a novella from last year's collection coming out as a stand alone eBook. CARY AT THE HAUNT AND HOWL will be available on October 25th, but is up for preorder now if you don't want to forget about it. This one is Cary on an adventure to a suspect nightclub with Marianne and hijinks ensue.


Lights, Music…Trouble.

When Cary Redmond, Portland’s resident magical Protector, agrees to help one of her best friends spy on a rival nightclub, they find a lot more than overpriced drinks and swirling lights. Hidden in the heat and flash and pounding music lurks a deadly threat driven by dangerous magic.

Just the kind of disaster Cary is uniquely qualified to handle. So long as she can find the source of the trouble before it’s too late.

Because if she can’t solve the mystery in the music fast, people will die. 

Don’t miss this exciting urban fantasy novella from bestselling author Kat Simons, now available as a standalone eBook. Cary at the Haunt and Howl was originally published in HAUNTS AND HOWLS AND GUARDIAN SPELLS.


Final bit of news. I've given my newsletter subscribers a special Halloween treat this month--a new novella in the Cary Redmond series! This one will only be available to newsletter subscribers, and all new subscribers will get a copy of it (along with a short story from the Tiger Shifters paranormal romance series--a story also only available through the newsletter).

This newsletter exclusive is the story of when Cary meets the Master vampire Ariel--to discuss that whole vampires sucking kitten blood thing. I wasn't sure I'd ever write that story. But when it came out...it was fun to write.

Regular readers of the Cary Redmond series should love this look back into Cary's history, but people who are new to the series, will also be able to enjoy the novella. I've written it as a standalone.

If you're not a current subscriber and would like to join my newsletter for news, updates, and the occasional free read, please join my newsletter now!

Happy Halloween month, everyone!

And until next month, Happy Reading!