December 13, 2022

Holidays and Happy New Year!

Well, not quite the new year yet. First, we have to do all this other celebrating -- or avoid the other celebrating as the case may be! Whichever it is for you, I hope this month brings you peace and some joy and some good books to read.

This month, I have a long short story/novelette contemporary romance "meet cute" releasing. It's set in Hawaii around Christmas, and if you're looking for something quick and fun and a little sweetly sexy and maybe even a little suspenseful, I hope you'll try Poinsettias and Possibilities. I spent a few Christmases in Hawaii over the years (went to college there), so I can say it's a lovely place to be for the holidays.


Christmas in Hawaii is just what she needs…

When a disaster with her former boss sends Jessica Warwick to Hawaii to dog-sit for a college friend, she expects to spend a few months escaping her past and working out her future. And Christmas on the North Shore in Hawaii definitely qualifies as a nice consolation prize after her frightening Thanksgiving. She doesn’t count on the sexy firefighter next door disturbing her peace.

Kevin Nakoa knows Jessica spells disaster the minute his neighbor introduces the new dog-sitter. She’s temporary, only on Oahu for six months, and Kevin isn’t a winter fling kind of guy. Even if the sexy New Yorker has him rethinking that stance. But he promised his neighbor he’d keep an eye on Jessica. And when an escaped dog forces him into spending time with her, Kevin knows he’s in trouble.

Christmas in Hawaii brings a reckoning for Jessica. But also a lot of hope. And with Kevin, the possibility for more.


Next month, finally, the launch of a new paranormal romance series that I've had percolating in the back of my head for years now. There was even an earlier version of the first book--written years ago! I'm so excited to have the series hitting the shelves soon. It's been a long time in coming. It combines a little monster horror (not monster romance--yet--strictly horror monsters in the first three books), some interesting mythology, fated mates, and a twist on the idea of a shapeshifter. I hope readers will enjoy it!

It's a bit darker than my Tiger Shifters series, but not by much, so if you like dark, scary paranormal romance, this might be just for you. But there are references to the murder of family members (happened before the book started), so if that's a problem for you, this might be one to miss.

The eBook is currently available for preorder at a special preorder price. Buy the book now or during the first two weeks after release, and you'll save 60% off the regular price! A little treat to thank readers and celebrate the launch of this new series. This book will also be available in Trade paperback and Large Print paperback in the new year (I'll add those to the preorder link when they're ready).

DARKNESS IN STONE is book one in the Seven Families series. As the overarching name suggests, there are seven whole families for me to write about. I'm starting with the wolves. There will be more.

Seven Families: Wolf

When Katie Donovan enters the dark, mysterious world of billionaire Eric Logan, she finds more than she bargains for. Because Eric isn’t what he seems. And his world teams with supernatural monsters. But if she can face the horrors, she might find her future. And a love that defies everything.


Next month more on the new series, as well as some updates on what I have happening in 2023. Some of the 2023 happenings involve an option for buying direct from me!

I have the basics of Kat Simons Books set up now, which you can see at I only have eBooks there so far (delivered by BookFunnel for ease and excellent customer support if you have any trouble!). I still have to figure out preorders. And I'm still uploading things. But the basics are there for you to explore if you like. I will be carrying paperbacks as well soon. And I'm hoping to offer digitally narrated audiobooks in the near future, as well.

There's a lot more happening in 2023, so please check back next month for more. If you'd like timely updates delivered right to your inbox on all my releases and news, please join my newsletter. I currently have two exclusive stories available to all new subscribers. Mate Run, from my Tiger Shifters paranormal romance series, and When Cary Met Ariel, a novella in my Cary Redmond urban fantasy series. Plus you'll get cover reveals, excerpts, occasional free reads, and as the store gets up and running, special subscriber coupons! Lots of fun right to your inbox. (I do also occasionally ramble about books I'm reading, things I'm baking, and plants I'm trying to grow. *grin*)

Until next month, I hope you have a very peaceful, healthy, and happy December, and that your New Year starts well!

Happy Reading!