March 21, 2023

Happy Equinox!

 Both Vernal Equinox (that would be mine) and Autumnal (if you're in the southern hemisphere)!

This month, I have the next book in the Seven Families: Wolf Paranormal Romance series out! This one introduces real werewolves into the Wolf Family's world. And drops more hints about the bad guys' nefarious plot! Also, sexy wolf shifter and his fierce mate getting to know one another.

So lots of fun!

A Seven Families Novel
Seven Families: Wolf Book 2

A fated mate, a werewolf among monsters…

Rebecca Logan has spent her long life hunting monsters, ensuring humanity remains safe from nightmare creatures created by a vengeful god. Cursed by the same god, but promised a way out by another, Becca never expects to find her fated mate, the one person who can save her, her destined love…just as she uncovers a new monster on a killing spree. A monster with weapons that strike directly at her Family. Duty demands she hunt and destroy the monsters. But that duty endangers her mate. And if she can’t convince him they’re meant for each other, they’ll both suffer.

Adam Walsh left his werewolf pack a disgrace, becoming a dreaded rogue. Alone, and without the security and structure of a pack, Adam knows he doesn’t have much longer before his animal nature takes over, turning him into a killing machine that will destroy everything in his wake. So when the beautiful monster hunter drops into his life, he knows he has to resist her. Impossible when she looks at him with her beautiful brown eyes, offering hope he hasn’t had in years. But he has nothing to offer Becca in return except exile and danger.

As they hunt the new monsters and fend off a hostile werewolf pack, Becca and Adam resist the pull of the consuming passion building between them. Their secrets loom, an impenetrable wall. And if they can’t learn to trust each other, their natures will destroy them both.


Next month, a new Cary Redmond collection of short stories and novellas releases! For my print readers, this is the place to get some of the shorter fiction that hasn't been in print yet. AND there's a new novella in this collection that hasn't been released yet as a standalone (It'll release standalone in June). Check back next month for more on that.


From March 24th through April 24th, the Cary Redmond Series Box Set Books 1-3 eBook will be on sale. The price is dropping from $9.99 to only $0.99! If you haven't tried the Cary Redmond series yet, this is a great way to get the first three books at a deep discount!

Until April, happy reading!