April 18, 2023

April Release and Updates

SPECIAL NOTE: This just came up at the beginning of April, but it appears Book Depository is closing it's doors and will no longer be taking orders from April 26th. This means I'll be removing the Book Depository links from the site and obviously won't have them going forward. The grapevine tells me that Blackwells in the UK is a good alternative for cheap/free international shipping, so I'll look into that and if it pans out, will start adding those links in. I am sorry to see Book Depository go, though. They were a great site, particularly for international readers, and their absence will leave a hole.

Okay. Now back to the regular post.

Happy April! This month I have a new Cary Redmond short story and novella collection out! 

This one brings together five of the holiday stories I've written in the Cary Redmond world and it includes one novella that hasn't been released yet as a standalone eBook--that one comes out in June as a standalone. But for my print readers, now's the time to get these stories!

A Cary Redmond Short Story Anthology

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Holidays bring friends, family, and…Trouble.

At least if your job title is Magical Protector. Cary Redmond spends most of her holidays jumping into danger. Stopping bad guys, protecting innocents, and doing her job as a walking, talking Kevlar vest. Because magic, mayhem, and disasters don’t take holidays off.

In fact, sometimes the holidays are the problem.

But Cary is always ready to leap into the fight, tackling the dread, the deadly, the bespelled, and the strange. And if she helps a friend along the way, all the better. Because when the holidays bring Trouble, Cary’s on hand to save the day.

Don’t miss this year of Cary Redmond adventures all in one collection.

Cary and the Cursed Jack-O’-Lantern
Cary Holidays
Cary’s Galentine’s Day
Cary’s Leprechaun Troubles
Cary’s Beltane Night Out


The last story there, Cary's Beltane Night Out, is the story that will be releasing in June. Look out for more information on that coming soon.



SALE REMINDER: The box set for the first three books in the Cary Redmond series is still on sale and will remain at a discounted price through April 24th. Only $0.99 for three full length novels, available for a little less than a week more. Don't miss the sale!

Good news for my print readers! Because I'm writing the Demon Witch series a little slower, and there are, so far, only two short story/novellas in the series, that's not enough to put out a print collection yet. But since some of the stuff in the main series references those stories, especially Moonlit Strange, I've been encouraged to put those stories into print. And we have!

Currently, they're only available in trade paperback editions. And because they're small stories, the books are really thin. But they're very cute too! 

Proof copies for print editions of
Moonlit Strange and Howling Dreadful

So if you're a paperback reader and you'd like copies of the Demon Witch shorter stories in print, you can find them now!

Trade Paperback: Amazon | B&N | Indie Bound | Angus&Robertson 

Trade Paperback: Amazon | B&N | Indie Bound | Angus&Robertson 

Getting the individual short stories into print is a little complicated but doable, so for the shorts that aren't available in print collections and won't be for awhile, I'll try to get them into print individually. There's one Cary Redmond novella, Cary and Dragons and Goblins, that fits into the main Cary Redmond series right between book 5 and book 6 and isn't in a print collection anywhere that will be my next adventure in tiny print books. After that, we'll look at what's left that isn't in some version of print somewhere.

Also for the Large Print readers, I will be trying to get all these shorts into large print editions too. That just might take a little longer, but it's in the plan. Check back or feel free to email me using the contact form at the side of the site, or just email direct at: katsimonsauthor @ gmail.com (without the spaces) for updates. I'll be updating in my newsletter too, if you want to just join that and get the news direct to your inbox.


In May, I'll have information about book 3 in the Seven Families: Wolf series! FATED IN STONE is currently finishing the production process and should be available for preorder soon. Check back next
month for more details!


And finally, I'm working behind the scenes with an update to the website. I have enough books and enough series out now that the way I have things organized is getting a little unwieldy. So I'm going to be reorganizing by genre in the tabs instead of by series. The set up will be similar to my Bookstore, so that should also make things easier even moving between the two places. The updates won't go live until I've finished moving things around in the background, but you could see them as early as the end of this month. Hopefully no later than the end of May.

It's a fun problem to have, having to reorganize the site because I've got that many books out now *grin*

Until next month, I hope April is treating you kindly and you've found a lot of good books to read!