January 16, 2024

Happy New Year 2024!

Someone mentioned in passing the other day that 2030 is now just six years away, and that can't be right at all because the year 2000 was just yesterday! LOL (Obviously, I'm an old.) But seriously, time is really weird and I can't believe we're nearly a quarter of the way into the first century of the 2000. I might catch up to all that by the time we hit the 2050s. *grin*

But in the meantime, I've been writing a lot of stories, and I have some fun stuff coming up this year which I'm really excited about!

For January, I have a brand new Joan of Kerry story out today! And at the end of the month, I have one of the stories from the last HAUNTS AND HOWLS collection (Haunts and Howls and Jesters Bells) releasing as a standalone eBook.

Then next month, I'm starting an all new series, novella length stories released every other month (for this year) in a whole new urban fantasy world, heavy on the romance side of things.

But more about the new series later. Here's the details for the new releases this month:

A Joan of Kerry Story

No one visits a dragon’s island uninvited…

When Joan’s dragon companion, Rory, discovers a mysterious satchel on his secret island off the coast of Ireland, they both know something feels amiss. And since the satchel holds a carefully folded selkie skin, that something promises to be bad. Selkies never leave their skins unattended. Not on purpose.

Joan and Rory set out to uncover the secret of the abandoned selkie skin, a quest that brings them face to face with more of the mythical seal people. And a tragedy that has cost lives.

To save the day, Joan and Rory will have to face the dangers of the ocean deep. 

And they might just have to burn.


Out January 30th, Preorder Available Now!

No one wants a bored dragon…

Leave a dragon bored, quests happen. Kaxem knows the inevitability of this. Especially with a best friend like Rebop. But when Rebop brings Kaxem news of a bespelled princess in need of waking, Kaxem, at first, passes on the adventure. He’d rather rearrange his books. Really. He would.

But disappointing his best friend proves impossible. Bored dragons are also nagging dragons. Kaxem agrees to the quest. One last quest.

And if they happen to save the world, and discover a really good library in the process…he won’t complain.

Author’s Note: This story is also published in the collection HAUNTS AND HOWLS AND JESTERS BELLS.



So 2024 is going to be another big year for me, and I'm really excited about it all, even the things that I'm frankly terrified of doing.

I'm starting a new paranormal romance/urban fantasy series called THE DRAGON THIEF series. I talked a little about this last month as well. The first book will be out in February and I'll be doing a cover reveal for Book 1 and 2 on my newsletter this month! I'll roll out those covers to the general public at the end of January. These novellas will come out every other month in eBook for all of 2024. For my print readers, I'm looking into the feasibility of putting them into standalone print editions, but at the very least, I'll collect the whole first year into an omnibus print edition at the end of the year (look out for that in December).

Lots more on that series next month!

I'm also going to be running my very first Kickstarter to launch the brand new Cary Redmond novel that is out this year. The Kickstarter will allow readers to get the novel a whole two months before it's released wide and a month before it's available in my store! More on that next month as I get things set up. 

Look out for Cary's Book 8 Cover Reveal later in February (or on my newsletter by mid-February), too. My cover artist gave me a really fantastic cover for this one!

The fourth novel in the Angie Jordan DEMON WITCH series is still on the schedule for September 2024. And I have three of the stories already written for the next HAUNTS AND HOWLS collection, coming in October 2024. I'll also have a couple of more short story collections in the mystery genre, and a new contemporary romance release this summer.

So LOTS of good stories coming out, in a variety of genres, to suit your mood and reading preferences.

2024 will also be the year of expanding and prioritizing my store, KatSimonsBooks. There will be more paperbacks added (hopefully all of them), and I'll be starting to add products to the store very soon, with those rolling out over the year. As with the newest Cary Redmond novel, I'm also going to start releasing some of the bigger books early from the story. And 2025 might see everything released in the store first and then wide (if I can get that organized!). So watch for that if you're the impatient type.

I'd like to start moving the Isabo Kelly books over to the store, too. They're a lower priority move for me, but I'm hopefully I can have them there by the end of the year.

So that's the overview of what 2024 will bring. It's a lot. So long as things don't get turned upside down, it should be a fun year with some new ventures. That said, of course, keep watching this space every month for updates on all of this (especially if life intervenes and my plans have to change).

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As we roll into this brand new year, I hope it brings you good health, peace, kindness, and lots of good reading!

Happy New Year!