December 12, 2023

Happy End of 2023!

Happy December! I hope the season is treating you well and that if you celebrate any of the various holidays this month, those have been joyous and festive.

I have two things out this month, and then a little news and update below about what to expect for next year.

First, this month, I have the digital box set for the first three novels in the Seven Families series. WOLF IN STONE gets you all three eBooks in this spooky paranormal romance trilogy for the price of two! All in one file. This is an eBook box set only. As soon as someone enables me to put together a physical books box set, I will jump into that. (Wouldn't that be fun!?)

The second release is one of the short stories from HAUNTS AND HOWLS WHERE DEMONS DWELL. Burning Inside a Stone Circle slides right into this month as it takes place on Winter Solstice! (Okay winter solstice up here in the Northern Hemisphere, but you get the idea.)

This is the last story from the collection to get its individual eBook release. So if you're interested in some of the stories, but don't want to buy the entire collection, they are all available as standalones in eBook now. For my print readers, the full collection is still the best way to go.

A Seven Families Box Set, Books 1-3

Meet the Wolf Family…

In a world where monsters created by an ancient god hunt for human victims, heroes from the Seven Families must fight to hold back the darkness. Waiting for the love of their fated mates to save them from a god-cursed doom.

This box set collects the first three, full-length novels in the Seven Families series, following the battles and loves of three of the Logan siblings. Don’t miss a minute of this sexy, spooky, paranormal romance series.


When Katie Donovan enters the dark, mysterious world of billionaire Eric Logan, she finds more than she bargains for. Because Eric Logan is not what he seems. And his world teams with supernatural monsters. Eric must win the heart of his destined love, but convincing her they’re meant for each other proves complicated when monsters threaten his home. If they can face the horrors, and overcome the monsters, Katie and Eric might find their future. And a love that defies everything.


Rebecca Logan never expects to find her fated mate, the one person who can save her, her destined love…just as she uncovers a new monster on a killing spree. Adam Walsh left his werewolf pack a disgrace, becoming a dreaded rogue. He has nothing to offer Becca except exile and danger. As they hunt the new monsters and fend off a hostile werewolf pack, Becca and Adam resist the pull of the consuming passion building between them. But if they can’t learn to trust each other, their natures will destroy them both.


Meeting his destined mate in the middle of a deadly battle with a monster topples years of Ben Logan’s plans and expectations. To save the woman destined to save him, he makes one of the biggest mistakes of his life. A mistake that could cost him everything. When Elle Barker discovers the world holds terrifying monsters unlike anything she’s ever seen, she turns to the one man she thinks she can trust, only to find out, he’s not what he seems either. To save their future, they must learn to trust each other. But first they have to survive the monsters.



Winter brings a dangerous transition for this witch.

As the winter solstice approaches, Riana faces the final of three transitions. The ceremony brings a wealth of dangers. All necessary for a practicing witch. If she makes her way through a lifetime of heartaches and triumphs and disasters, she’ll come out the other side to a new life.

But if she fails, she risks unleashing banked power. Power always burning inside her. Power that could destroy everything, and everyone, she holds dear.

A quiet cabin alone, with only the spirits of her past and present to accompany her into the future. Facing personal demons. Riana risks everything to keep those she loves safe.

Author’s Note: This story is also published in the collection HAUNTS AND HOWLS WHERE DEMONS DWELL.


News and Updates

As December brings the year to its end, I'm setting up my schedule for next year. And I'll have two new things happening in 2024 that should be exciting--and terrifyingly scary for me in one case!

First, I have a novella paranormal romance series releasing over the course of next year that should be very fun. Unlike most of my paranormal romance and urban fantasy stories, this one takes place in a completely different story "universe" It's set in New York City, mostly, but the world in this story is aware of the more magical side of things. So this isn't something that could cross over into the Cary Redmond or Tiger Shifters world, for example.

I do like good crossovers, but this one came to me as a standalone originally, and I like it that way.

The series is called the DRAGON THIEF series, featuring a magical thief and a dragon shifter prince. And boy are they fun together! The first novella will release in February 2024. For regular readers, this story is actually already published in WHO STEALS A DRAGON. The standalone version may have a few tweaks to it to accommodate the expanded world building I'm doing for the series, though.

My vision for this series is to make it a bit like a TV series. Shorter books, released frequently (every other month in 2024 as a start), and an ongoing story arc, though each individual story will be a complete story itself. No cliffhangers! The romance will be slow burn over the course of several books, so be prepared for that. But the chemistry between these two is pretty hot, so I think the burn will be worth it. (Burn. Dragon shifters. Ha! Unintentional pun, but I'm amused by it.)

If you'd like more about the series, I'm giving all my newsletter subscribers a sneak peak at a short story in the series that won't be released until closer to the end of 2024. This was written as a standalone, and by the time it's published will probably have some tweaks for worldbuilding purposes as well, but it can be read on its own now, without even having read the first story from WHO STEALS A DRAGON.

Any new subscribers between now and the end of the year will get the story. If you subscribe in January, I'm afraid you'll have to wait until the end of this year for this one. BUT don't worry, I'll have other fun stuff for you. (And also, already, I have two exclusive stories for new subscribers that you get when joining the newsletter, so there's that. *grin*)


The next big thing for next year, the thing that terrifies me, is I'll be running my first Kickstarter! 

I'm still in the planning stages, but I'm looking to run this during March 2024, and it will be for the newest Cary Redmond novel, book 8 in the series! Kickstarter backers will get the book two months before it releases wide, and a month before it releases in my store. So if you've been jonesing (ha! another pun--Deacon Jones, get it? I may be watching too much Black Adder these days.) for more Cary and Deacon, this will be something to look out for.

Book 8 is a super fun novel, too, that takes Cary and Deacon to Scotland on a very interesting adventure where we get to see a little more of Deacon's family history. And we meet his grandmother! Oh boy is that interesting. *grin*

There will be much more about this in January, including a link to the campaign prepage where readers can sign up for notification when the project launches, but it's one of the big scary things I'm trying in the new year, and I wanted to give readers a heads up.


The rest of 2024 will also bring a bunch of fun reads, including a new Joan of Kerry novella in January, so please drop by next month for more news.

Until then, I hope 2023 treated you kindly, and if it didn't, I hope 2024 is gentler with you. If you had a great year, I hope next year is even better. And for all of us, I hope 2024 brings good things.


Image: gif of Sandra Bullock in Miss Congeniality
crying and saying "I really do want world peace."

Happy Holidays! Happy New Year! And Happy Reading!