November 14, 2023

November Coziness

Technically, my release this month isn't a "cozy mystery" because it's set in New York City, which is not small town enough to be a small town. *grin* But I feel like the Percy James Mysteries have a bit of a cozy vibe to them. And they are definitely a love letter to New York City.

This month, the latest Percy James adventure at the Azur Regent sees our intrepid heroine working in the days leading up to New Years Eve when some mysterious shenanigans ensue at the hotel. Diamonds Do Damage is out now in eBook everywhere. Don't miss it!

A Percy James Mystery

Welcome to the Azur Regent

New Years Eve in New York City always bustles with tourists and locals alike enjoying the event and celebrating the winter holidays. And at the Azur Regent, Percy James juggles the chaos and crowds eagerly, happy to help those coming to her city to enjoy the sights and celebrate another turn around the sun.

But a small disruption to the routine, one guest not checking out when they should, throws the delicate balance of the busy hotel into disarray. And when that missing guest has nefarious secrets to hide, Percy and the staff must uncover the truth…

Before the clock strikes twelve.



A little update on KatSimonsBooks. I have paperbacks coming very soon!

I'm working my way through uploading my catalogue, and I need to work out some details, but within the next month you will start to see the first trade paperbacks appearing in the store.

At the moment, I've just managed to get the regular trade sized books uploaded. It will take a little more time to get all the large print editions up, but they're in the schedule now. So very soon all the paperbacks will be available through the store, too.

Now, that said, it looks so far like the books can only be delivered in the US, Canada, UK, and Europe. Those are some details I'm still working out. Fingers crossed they will be available in more places in the near future (especially for my Australian and New Zealand readers! I am thinking about you with all this.) I'll keep the information at the store updated and posts updates here as I have more information.

Pickles is also hiding on the site again this month with a present for anyone who finds her. *grin*


Finally, I just wanted to remind you all about the Holiday Spectacular, which officially starts in a little over a week. This is a super cool calendar of winter holiday stories. You'll receive one a day from US Thanksgiving through New Years day. It's so much fun, I really hope you'll consider subscribing. The various authors that Kris Rusch (the editor of the Spectacular) gets into the collection every year are so good. (I'm incredibly flattered to have a story in this this year's Spectacular because of how awesome the other authors are!)

Even if you missed the Kickstarter (or aren't big into doing Kickstarters), you can still subscribe to the calendar at WMG Publishing. There's also a fantastic and adorable Holiday Spectacular Store with all the gorgeous holiday merchandise as well as ways to subscribe to the current calendar or pick up any of the past calendars in their various collections.

Until next month, Happy Reading!