October 24, 2023

October October and it's almost Halloween!

Yes, I'm full of excitement this month. It's finally started to cool off here in New York, which means I'm into cozy season--sweaters and hoodies and snuggling under blankets. Perfect crisp days that haven't gotten too cold yet, and weather that only mildly irritates my allergies. *grin* Also, there was a Friday the 13th this month that coincided with a new moon and the next day there was a solar eclipse.

That's some brilliant Octobering right there.

Since it is October and one of my favorite times of year, I ended up with three different releases this month! Also, there's a reminder on the Kickstarter I mentioned in that last post below the release info. And, in case you were looking, I have most of the print links now for STORM SHADOW WITCH. They're below too.

Two of the releases this month are the standalone eBook releases for stories from last year's Haunts and Howls Collection--the two spookiest stories in the collection (in my opinion). Friday's Curious Shop is out now. And The Museum of Small Art's Everyman will be out on Halloween!! I've got a story out on Halloween! I don't know why, I find that very exciting. LOL.

The new book for this month, out today, is another Haunts and Howls collection! HAUNTS AND HOWLS AND JESTERS BELLS. This one is a little different because some of the stories are funny (or at least humorous. In my opinion. Which, you know, might not be funny to a reader at all. But my mom liked them.)

Not all of the stories are funny, though, because jesters are like clowns and clowns are scary (I discuss this more in the introduction to the collection). So some of the stories are spooky. Case in point, there's another Friday's Curious Shop story in this collection, which is pretty spooky.

And for readers who've been enjoying the Haunts and Howls collections, there's also a sequel to Destiny Through the Cats Eyes, from HAUNTS AND HOWLS AND GUARDIAN SPELLS, in this collection.

Lots of fun reading for Halloween.

A Contemporary Fantasy Collection

When laughter collides with fear…

Where humor meets terror, new heroes emerge. Whether laughing, or questing, or simply trying to survive, fate calls to the worthy. They answer only if they dare.

Because daring to find light inside darkness, braving the mysteries beneath the surface of reality, brings reluctant champions to the fight. A fight for good. A fight for the luckless. A fight to protect the world.

And when the jesters ring their bells, the dangers begin.

Spooky humor and creepy thrills fill this entertaining new collection of six original contemporary fantasy stories from bestselling author Kat Simons. Including an all new Destiny Cats novella, and a brand new Friday’s Curious Shop story.



A store for the curious. Enter if you dare…

Riley Anderson needs a job. Desperately. If she doesn’t find paying work soon, her roommates will kick her out. And living on the streets of New York City as winter approaches…? Not appealing. The Wanted Ad for Friday’s Curious Shop seems like the perfect opportunity.

Pays well. Starts immediately. She even likes secondhand stores. Perfect. 

Even if the shop does feel a little…strange.

But things get weird once she crosses the threshold. What’s wrong with that customer? Why can’t she go into the backroom unescorted? Why are her self-preservation instincts screaming to run?

Doesn’t matter. A job’s a job. And Friday’s Curious Shop is hiring. Everything will be just fine.


Author’s Note: This novella is also published in the collection HAUNTS AND HOWLS WHERE DEMONS DWELL.



Preorder available now.

Don’t turn your back on the paintings…

Anne Reynolds shows up at crime scenes that baffle the police. Her specialty, and history, in art forgery make her an easy choice for investigating a murder at the Museum of Small Art. But she hasn’t been called in because of her art skills.

The body on the gallery floor has a story to tell. A story drenched in blood. Sprawled beneath a painting steeped in demonic lore. And only Anne can get the dead to talk.

A touch. One touch, and she sees everything.

But seeing everything in the strange Everyman’s Soul painting opens secrets that haunt.

And screams for murder. 

Author’s Note: This story is also published in the collection HAUNTS AND HOWLS WHERE DEMONS DWELL.



This is reposted from last week:

So, every year, a writer I love, Kristine Kathryn Rusch, edits this very cool thing called the HOLIDAY SPECTACULAR with her publishing company, WMG Publishing. It's basically an advent calendar of short stories! It runs from US Thanksgiving until New Years day, and every day, subscribers to the calendar get a new short story in their email.

There are usually three themes each year with three different moods. Kris does an introduction to each story in her email, which helps readers know what the mood of the story is, so if you're not in the mood for something hardboiled, for example, you can always save that day's story for a better mood. Ditto something sweet and romantic. The stories encompass a lot of winter holidays, and since some of the writers that Kris includes are from Australia, there are often stories set around a Christmas that takes place in the middle of summer.

It's super fun. I've gotten the Spectacular every year since she started doing it. This will be the fifth year. And I can't recommend it enough. I've read some really excellent fiction and it gives me something fun to look forward to every day of the holidays.

And to my absolute delight, I have a story in the Spectacular this year!

I have no idea when it will be delivered during the event--none of the writers know until their story shows up in their inboxes--but it will be there! And I'm pretty excited about it, because I really loved this story, and I really really love the short story advent calendar concept of this project.

To get the Spectacular going every year, Kris and the WMG crew run a Kickstarter for it. That Kickstarter is going on now! It's a great way to get the Spectacular, and if you'd like the collections in paperback form, or other fun holiday related swag, it's a really fun Kickstarter to back.

If you're not a Kickstarter person, the Spectacular will still be available for sale separately. All the information about it all will be at the Kickstarter and at WMG's website.

I hope you'll consider backing the project and/or getting the Holiday Spectacular! It's so much fun.



Finally, just in case you missed the links in the last post when I got them up, here are the full links to print and eBook editions of STORM SHADOW WITCH. I still seem to be having some difficulty with my print vendors, but hopefully that'll all work itself out soon!

A Demon Witch Novel, Book 3


Happy Reading, everyone! And HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!

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