June 21, 2024

Big Sale is over but...

ICING THE PUCK is on sale a few more days. Then it goes back to it's normal price, so be sure if you wanted it to pick it up!

And as return to the other releases this month, don't miss the new books that are out everywhere now!

Dragon Thief Book Three

Priceless artifact, impossible heist… How can a thief resist?

As Myra tries to find her footing in this new world of dragon shifters, one problem clearly stands out above the rest. The dragon king and his dangerous jobs. Avoiding Christopher because of his father proves impossible, though. And when the king offers her yet another job, a heist almost as interesting as it is impossible, she gives in. To both the job, and working with Christopher.

Pulling off an impossible theft requires focus, precision, and planning. Precision and planning, Myra has down. Focus… With Christopher around, that focus wavers. Ignoring a seven-foot tall, intimidatingly sexy dragon shifter would challenge even the most determined. Myra’s determined. Just not determined enough to stay away from Christopher.

But first they have to pull of his father’s impossible mission and recover a priceless relic. Without getting caught.

And without letting her feelings get in the way.


Cary Redmond Book 8

Trade Paperback: Amazon Barnes&Noble | Bookshop.org |
Large Print Paperback: Amazon Barnes&Noble | Bookshop.org |

Trouble is Back…

And taking her newfound skills on the road. Cary Redmond survived a lot in the last year. From her Seventh Year test as a magical Protector, to meeting her leopard shifter mate, to fending off a whole host of enemies. A trip to Scotland with Deacon presents a well-earned chance to rest and practice her new skills and powers. Even if meeting Deacon’s grandmother comes in the bargain.

But Trouble follows Cary wherever she goes, including all the way across the pond to Scotland. Where Deacon’s grandmother harbors a secret tie to the Fae, and rival Faery queens fight for dominion. Cary finds herself, once again, in the middle of powerful enemies, protecting everyone in the crossfire.

This time, though, if she fails, the cost could be the love of her life.

Because this time, Faery wants Deacon.


Plus I have my contemporary romance novel, DESIGNED FOR YOUon sale for only $0.99 if you're looking for a light, contemporary romance with fake dating and low angst and friends-to-lovers trope! It'll stay on sale at KatSimonsBooks through the end of the month, but I think the sale ends everywhere else around the 25th of June, so be sure to check it out now!

Happy Reading! And Happy Solstice!