November 12, 2019

Another Cary Redmond Short Story Hits the Shelves

Well, the virtual shelves anyway. I will put all the shorts into a print edition when I have enough released, I promise, but for now...

The next Cary Redmond short story WHEN CARY MET PICKLES is out now, in eBooks from as many vendors as I can get it into.


WHEN CARY MET PICKLES (A Cary Redmond Short Story)

A new job, a new house, a new demon dog… And so much to learn.

Cary Redmond has a lot of study ahead of her if she wants to survive her new job as a magical Protector. Study means books. And books mean spending time in a bookstore—something she will never object to. However, the place her mentor sends her isn’t an ordinary bookstore. And the clientele are more than what they seem.

But with the help of The Bookstore’s proprietor and the resident basset hound, Cary is sure she can navigate this new world without getting eaten by anything.


Now, it's hard to choose your favorite baby, as they say, but I love this short story a lot. Mostly because I love basset hounds and I love bookstores and it combines the two. Not much better in the world--except for maybe coffee and pizza. Yes, Cary and I share these loves. I was going to call them vices, but really, how could you call something as glorious as pizza or coffee a vice?

For the chronologically inclined, this story takes place about 4 months after Cary was "tricked" into becoming a Protector. And her world just keeps getting weirder.

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Watch this space for release information on the next novel in the Cary Redmond series, THE TROUBLE WITH GHOULS AND SERIAL KILLERS, coming in early 2020!