June 15, 2021

Newest Cary Redmond Short Story

It's almost summer time! Well up here in the northern hemisphere anyway. Welcome to winter all you southern hemisphere people! I hope the season, wherever you are, is treating you well. And giving you plenty of down time to fill with good books.

And for the start of my summer, I have a new Cary Redmond short story out now! One of Cary's best friends is in trouble, so of course Cary is there to give her the back up she needs.

Cary and the Demon Witch cover
A Cary Redmond Short Story

When her best friend’s mysterious past comes calling…

Cary Redmond is prepared to step in.

Although powerful witch, Angie Jordan, is one of Cary’s closest friends, there are parts of Angie’s past she refuses to talk about. Things she’s hinted at but always avoids explaining. Demon related things. And while Cary is very curious about that past, she also respects her friend’s privacy. After all, everyone should be allowed their secrets.

But when someone out of Angie’s past comes to town and threatens her family, Cary doesn’t hesitate to throw herself between this threat and her friend. She might not understand the undertone, but she can keep Angie and her family from getting hurt. After all, it’s her job as a magical Protector.

And what good is being a magical Protector if you can’t stand between your friends and disaster?


Look out for the next Cary Redmond short story coming in July--when Cary tries to take a vacation with the girls and things go predictably wrong.

Also for this month, I had a really fun mini book trailer made for the Cary Redmond series! I think it fits the series well. *grin*

Looking ahead, in August, I have a short story featuring Cary's witch friend Angie Jordan releasing. And in September, the first book in Angie's spin off series, BONE LANTERN WITCH will be out. Check back for more details!

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Happy Reading, everyone.