July 13, 2021

A Cary Redmond Novella and a New Series

Middle of the summer--or winter depending on your hemisphere--and there's more reading to be had. The latest Cary Redmond story is out now! This is a bit of a love letter to Hawaii for me. I went to college at the University of Hawaii, Manoa, and been back to visit many times over the years. I still get asked why I moved away. Sometimes, that question is hard to answer.

So I wrote a story set on the islands, well set on Oahu. And of course, Cary can't just take a holiday with her best friends without something going wrong.

Cary Goes to Hawaii Cover
(A Cary Redmond Short Story)

All vacations are not created equal…

And as far as magical Protector Cary Redmond is concerned, going to Hawaii with her best friends ranks at the top of the list. No work, no magical Protector business, no jumping between good guys and bad guys to keep good guys safe. For two whole weeks. She gets to enjoy sun, sea, and tropical breezes without any paranormal chaos. Couldn’t get any better than that.

Except Cary’s life bends toward chaos, no matter what she tries. And when paranormal danger rears its head, Cary has to answer the call. Even if it means facing one of her greatest fears.

Because her best friend’s future is on the line.

Moonlit Strange Cover

Next month I have a short story that starts a new series! A spinoff of the Cary Redmond series, featuring the witch Angie Jordan. This series goes back in time, to Angie's mysterious past, and how she ended up knowing so many demon hunters.

MOONLIT STRANGE is out August 17. And the first novel in the series is coming in September.

Until next month, stay safe out there, everyone!

Happy Reading