December 14, 2021

Happy December!

Cary and Dragons and Goblins is out now!

This is a novella in the Cary Redmond series that takes place between The Trouble with Magic and Faery Curses (Cary Redmond Book 5) and the upcoming book 6 in the series, The Trouble with Wizards and Old Enemies. I've posted this notice everywhere, but I'll say it again right here:

If you DO NOT LIKE SPOILERS, do not read this book until you're caught up to book 5 in the series. There are major spoilers in this novella for what happens in book 5. If you don't mind spoilers and just want to read a story with dragons and goblins, or you are all caught up on the series (and also want to read a story with dragons and goblins), I hope you enjoy!


A Cary Redmond Story

When a dragon asks if you’re a Protector, you say…yes!

Then agree to go help the dragon and his hero because… Well, he’s a dragon.

After her last deadly adventure into Faery, Cary Redmond needs time to heal and recover. Still shaken, and shaky, flying off on dragon back to do her Protector thing seems like a bad idea.

But courting death marks Cary’s life. With kids in trouble, goblins on the loose, and a pair of heroes in need, Cary races to the rescue. Again.

All in a night’s work for a Protector.


I hope you enjoy this new Cary Redmond adventure in Protecting! I had a blast writing it.

And don't miss the next novel in the Cary Redmond series. THE TROUBLE WITH WIZARDS AND OLD ENEMIES, Book 6 in the Cary Redmond series, is up for preorder now and releases on January 11, 2022 (I almost typed 2021--I have completely lost track of time!) in eBook, Print, and Large Print editions.


This marks the end of another crazy year, but here's to hoping for a better 2022. Happy Winter Solstice to those of you in the Northern Hemisphere and Summer Solstice to those in the Southern Hemisphere! Happy Holidays for whichever holiday you celebrate -- and if you don't celebrate any this time of year, enjoy some extra reading time!

I hope you and yours are staying safe and healthy. And I hope for wonderful things for you in the coming year.

Happy Reading!