January 11, 2022

Happy 2022!

 Happy New Year!

I'm celebrating the start of 2022 with a new novel release, the next book in the Cary Redmond series! I'm very excited for this release. The book was challenging to write and written during some challenging times. Seeing it live in the world finally makes this writer's heart happy.

The Trouble with Wizards and Old Enemies is available in eBook, Paperback, and Large Print from wherever you buy books. You can also get my books through most library systems, but you may have to request them from your librarian.

Cary Redmond Book 6

Trouble with a Vengeance…

In her seventh year as a magical Protector, Cary Redmond has faced down more world-ending, life-or-death situations than she cares to remember. And now that she’s discovered she’s not as ordinary as she thought, finding ways to not die is getting even tougher. Especially with all the enemies she’s collected while saving good guys from bad guys.

So when her latest job forces her to confront too many of these old enemies, Cary desperately wants to refuse. Unfortunately, walking away is not an option, thanks to more of that world-ending trouble so common in her life.

With the help of her leopard shifter mate, Cary once again faces overwhelming odds in a quest to save the world.

And hopefully not die.


Check back next month for news on the next Cary Redmond short story--hint, it's actually a Valentine's Day(ish) story in the correct month for Valentine's Day.

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Until next month, stay safe and healthy. And enjoy some good books.

Happy Reading!