February 08, 2022

Happy Galentine's Day!

If I were being true to the spirit of Galentine's Day, I'd probably release this short story on February 13th. But the fact that I have a holiday story coming out in the correct month for the holiday (or in this case, the anti-holiday to replace the actual holiday), I'll count that as a win.

To help her best friend Lucy get through her most dreaded and hated holiday, Cary and the girls are skipping Valentine's Day in favor of Galentine's Day. And of course, it can't be a quiet night out.


A Cary Redmond Short Story

Who needs Valentine’s Day when you have Trouble…

For Cary Redmond, Portland’s resident magical Protector, a simple night out with her friends to celebrate an alternative to Valentine’s Day should involve good food, too much wine, and plenty of girl talk. What it actually involves is…a lot more dangerous.

But saving the innocent is what Cary does. Even on pretend national holidays.

And when called to save someone from the manipulative dangers of a wizard, Cary races to the rescue. Her friends at her back. Her wine buzz left behind.

Because no one messes with love on Cary’s watch.


Next month, I'll have one of the Haunts and Howls and Guardian Spells short stories releasing as a standalone, as well as more information on the May release of The Trouble with Death and Demon Gods (Cary Redmond, Book 7). I'm super excited about this seventh book in the Cary Redmond series! More on that next month.

Until then, stay safe and healthy. And if you celebrate, enjoy Valentine's Day. If you're like Lucy and hate the holiday, enjoy eating something yummy and thumbing your nose at all the hearts and chocolates nonsense!

Happy Reading!