November 16, 2021

Holidays are in full swing now!

There are so many of them this time of year, it's just delightful. All my favorites. For me, it's Winter Solstice, Halloween, Christmas, New Years, even American Thanksgiving because of the food. (Though, to be fair, I don't eat turkey so our food is a little different.)

And beyond the food, are the holiday books! For a paranormal/fantasy author Halloween is the season, of course. But I don't want to leave the others out. And so Cary Redmond gets a Christmas story--mixing my love of spooky with my love of all things Winter holidays.

cover art for Cary Holidays
A Cary Redmond Short Story

A quiet holiday shouldn’t be too much to ask…
Unless of course your name is Cary Redmond and your job title is Magical Protector. But in the days leading up to Christmas, in her second year as a Protector, Cary might just get the quiet time off she hopes for.

Nothing to do but watch Christmas movies, drink Christmas coffee, maybe even decorate for the season. No shapeshifter trouble. No vampires up to no good. No demons popping in to threaten death. Just peace and quiet. Lots and lots of quiet.

Until, of course, her new Christmas tree reveals a surprising complication...

That is anything but peaceful.

Coming in December is another Cary Redmond novella. In Cary and Dragons and Goblins, Cary meets a dragon and his hero--Joan and Rory from the Joan of Kerry series--and mayhem ensues. Of course. This novella leads into book 6 in the main series, The Trouble with Wizards and Old Enemies, which is out in January 2022! 

For those of you who do NOT like spoilers, please don't read next months release until after you've read book 5 in the series, The Trouble with Magic and Faery Curses. There are spoilers throughout Cary and Dragons and Goblins for book 5--starting on the first page!--so again, if you are someone who hates spoilers, wait on this book!

I'll post that warning again next month, too.

And don't forget to look out for book 6 in the Cary Redmond series, coming out in January! Things in Cary's world are getting...complicated. Well, more complicated than they already are.

Until then, enjoy the holidays you celebrate. Stay safe and take care of yourself! And enjoy a good read.

Happy Reading!