August 16, 2022

August Releases and Updates

This month I have two releases out. One is a short story from the HAUNTS AND HOWLS AND GUARDIAN SPELLS collection releasing as a standalone eBook. More on that one below.

The other release is a brand new Demon Witch novella, Howling Dreadful!

Howling Dreadful goes back to the first time Angie met Sebastian. And it's not exactly a typical Meet Cute. This book releases on August 23rd.

A Demon Witch Novella

A demon plague is not a fun meet cute…

Angie Jordan, powerful witch and psychic, should be focused on midterms and getting through college. Not hunting demons. That’s a demon hunter’s job. But when the hunter who saved her life as a child returns and asks a favor, Angie can’t refuse.

When that hunter brings her protégé, and he’s gorgeous and has a sexy English accent… Well, that’s just rude.

Angie knows more about the demon realms than any witch should. Stopping those who would unleash a plague on her world is a calling she must answer. Even if that means doing a job she’s not meant to do. She can’t afford the distraction of a sexy accent and gorgeous eyes. Not if she wants to survive.

Failure means the devastation and destruction of everything she holds dear.

But success could cost her her soul.


If you like reading in chronological order for stories, first of all, I'm sorry! I know I'm writing the short stories and novellas related to the main series out of order. I write them as they come to me, and only when Angie feels the need to tell me about a particular incident in her past.

But if you've been hoarding the stories and want the chronological order, it's Howling Dreadful, Moonlit Strange, then the start of the series proper with BONE LANTERN WITCH. In September, the next novel in the series is out! SPIDERWEB WITCH, out September 13, 2022 continues Angie's struggles with the demon hunter world and her feelings for Sebastian. Check back next month for more details on that, but the preorder is available now!

The standalone eBook for Going Out of Business: Everything's for Sale is also out this month and available now!


Completing the job isn’t the hard part. The hard part is finding the way home…

Teri collects difficult things. All kinds of things. From many different realms. For a lot of different people. Sometimes dangerous people. Sometimes desperate people. Sometimes they’re both. And sometimes the things they want prove almost impossible to find.

She specializes in those things.

Teri’s good at her job. And she gets paid well for her work. But once on a job, she’s got one way, and only one way, home. Collect the difficult thing. Then find the doorway back to her realm.

If she succeeds, she gets paid. And gets to go home. But if she fails…

She’ll never see the ones she loves again.


This short story made its first appearance in last year's HAUNTS AND HOWLS AND GUARDIAN SPELLS. And if you enjoy contemporary fantasy like the first HAUNTS AND HOWLS collection, I have a second due out in October.

HAUNTS AND HOWLS WHERE DEMONS DWELL releases October 11, 2022, and obviously has demon themed stories. And if you liked seeing Aidan from the Demon Witch series in action in Howling Dreadful, you'll be happy to know she makes an appearance in one of the upcoming stories in this new collection as well!


REMINDER: THE TROUBLE WITH BLACK CATS AND DEMONS is still available for FREE for a limited time. Sale will end August 28th, so if you've been wanting to try the Cary Redmond series, now's the time to snap up the first book!


So lots on the docket for August and into the fall (or spring depending on your hemisphere!). Keep checking in for updates.

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Until next month, Happy Reading!
~ Kat