March 12, 2024

Almost Spring!

Or Autumn if you're in the Southern Hemisphere! I love these in-between seasons, the changing weather, the changing days. And frankly, I'm happy to see the back end of February which was a month! (The ending was better than the beginning, though, so I'll give February that at least.)

So this month, the big news is the Cary Redmond KICKSTARTER!! It launches today (at noon EST) and I'm both terrified and excited and thank you in advance to anyone who can back it.

purple and blue background with The Trouble with Shifters and Fae Courts, Cary Redmond Book 8 on the left and an image of the cover art in 3D paperback to the right.

If you watch the video, there's a bit of a trailer and then you get to see me being a dork on camera LOL. I was a little surprised how awkward that was! And there were many takes over a couple of days just to get that brief bit of video. And I still look all awkward, even after all that practice. So if you want to see me being a dork, be sure to watch that. (hahahaha!)


Also out this month is the standalone novella, HOURGLASS THROUGH THE CATS EYES, the second Destiny Cats novella. It releases officially on March 19th, which just so happens to be the Spring (or Fall) Equinox, which felt auspicious to me. And it's also right before my wedding anniversary *grin* It's available now for preorder if you don't want to forget!

This was originally published in last falls Haunts and Howls collection, Haunts and Howls and Jesters Bells. If you haven't read any of the Destiny Cat stories and want to give them a try, it's best to start with DESTINY THROUGH THE CATS EYES, which sets up the world. And as a bonus, that one is on sale at my store! *grin*

Cover art for Hourglass Through the Cats Eyes, with title at the bottom, author name at the top, and a yellow/blue background with a black and white cat in the desert looking up at lightning.
A Destiny Cats Novella, Book 2

Available March 19th

With time slipping away, saving the universe takes bravery…and cats.

Learning to intermix her regular life with her new, destined life as a guardian of universal knowledge, Erica Randal studies hard, trains hard, and manages the two distinctly different parts of her day-to-day. She’s even getting used to her new cohort of cats, though the tension between her and the leader of her cats, Galahad, leaves her edgy. Getting used to the fact that Galahad has a human form, and that she finds that human form…compelling, makes their new living situation fraught.

But even with that, Erica has accepted her new life, her new family. Accepted her fate. Even enjoys the training. What she really craves now, though… Her first chance to retrieve one of the books she and her aunt are fated to protect.

So when the opportunity finally arises, Erica jumps at the chance. A retrieval that leads her and her cats into a dangerous desert adventure. A confrontation with deadly magic. And time running out for all of them…


That's the big stuff this month! Thanks again to anyone who can back the Kickstarter!

I'll be back next month with preorder links for THE TROUBLE WITH SHIFTERS AND FAE COURTS for my store and then for the wider stores for when the book releases there later in May and June. Best way to get it early, though, is to back the Kickstarter.

And! Next month is the release of THE CHICAGO JOB, the second novella in the Dragon Thief series! That is up for preorder now, so be sure to check it out, and if you like slow burn, dragon shifter romance with a Leverage, heist-type vibe, I hope you'll consider checking out the series.

Until then, thank you again!

And Happy Reading!