April 09, 2024

April Showers and a new Dragon Thief Story

I tried to explain that old calendar song to my youngest a few days ago, and he couldn't have cared less, but we rolled into April with near constant rain, so I've been humming the song for the last week.

And to celebrate all that rain and the new plants popping up to cause my allergies trouble, I have a new book out. LOL. The second Dragon Thief book, THE CHICAGO JOB, is out now! Myra and Christopher's adventure continues! I hope readers are enjoying the start to this series, because I love writing in it, so there will be many more stories!

Dragon Thief Book 2

Saving a dragon can complicate a thief’s life…

One job for the dragon king. Myra had been obliged to do just one job to make up for the teeny, tiny mistake of breaking into the king’s hoard. Rescue his son. Restitution satisfied. Myra, clear and clean from one of the bigger mistakes of her life.

And since the son in question turned out to be a sexy dragon shifter named Christopher—not Chris—a shifter she wouldn’t mind getting to know better. The job… Not a total wash.

But still, just one job.

The dragon king has other ideas.

Myra doesn’t normally work for other people. She steals what she wants, when she wants, because she wants to. Her favorite marks…rich people who don’t even know their stuff is missing. But when a dragon king wants to hire you, and pay you a small fortune, to retrieve an old relic, what’s a thief to do? Having Christopher along for the ride, doesn’t hurt. Spending more time with him is almost worth the irritation of working for his father again.

Complicates things too, though. Myra likes interesting. Complicated worries her.

And her feelings for Christopher are getting complicated.


As a sign of how much I'm enjoying this series, I've even got some Dragon Thief merchandise on my store now! There will be more. I'm still getting started and learning the ropes with the merch, but there are a couple of things there to explore.

I've got a few bits up for the Joan of Kerry series, too! I love these. I definitely need to add a mug.

And of course there's Cary Redmond merch. But as I said, this is really just a start and I'll be adding more over time. So keep checking back at the store for good stuff!


As I mentioned in the last post, the Kickstarter funded (THANK YOU!!) and so those electronic rewards will be going out this week. Print rewards will be going out in May.

For those of you who missed the Kickstarter, a reminder that the eBook of THE TROUBLE WITH SHIFTERS AND FAE COURTS will be available from my store in May. You can preorder it now and have it delivered directly to your BookFunnel app.

The book will be released wide, and the paperbacks will be released everywhere, in June. The eBook for wide stores is also up for preorder now! So all the ways of getting the newest Cary Redmond book are available to you!

Next month, as well as the new Cary Redmond releasing at my store, I'll also have a collection of mystery adventure-thrillers! This one is fun, most of the stories are a bit of action-adventury fun. And it's perfect for beach reading as we start to roll into summer (up here in the North. It would be a good reminder of summer to you Southern Hemisphere people *grin*).

More on all that next month.

Until then, Happy Reading!