September 15, 2020

The Trouble with Baby Gods and Vampires--OUT NOW!!

The latest installment in Cary Redmond's adventures in Protectoring is out now! And wow is she in trouble this time. All in a days work for Portland's resident Protector, though, right?

(Cary Redmond, Book 4)
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Trouble Throws a Curve… 

And not one Cary Redmond sees coming. In the early months of her seventh year as a magical Protector, discovering the Portland vampires behaving badly complicates Cary’s already complicated life. Learning the Master of Portland not only knows who she is but wants to meet her doesn’t help even a little bit.

With a wizard still skulking in the wings waiting to kill her and her latest Protector job tossing her into the middle of yet another crisis, the last thing Cary needs is vampire trouble. Even her developing relationship with her leopard shifter mate isn’t enough to distract from the shocks that just keep coming. And surviving her test year starts to look more and more impossible.

But she’s managed so far, she can get through this latest disaster. No problem for an ordinary woman with an extraordinary job…

If only life were that simple.


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Happy almost Autumn!