October 13, 2020

October is Here!! Yay!!

Okay, I know I'm supposed to head a post with information about the newest release, but October is my favorite month in my favorite season. And this year Halloween falls on a Saturday AND there's a full moon that night AND it's a blue moon. So while 2020 has been a craptastic year in a LOT of ways, I'm gonna celebrate October and the season as best as I can.

And speaking of how to celebrate the season of Halloween and full moons, how about a spooky Cary Redmond story? For those reading the main series and wondering just how that meeting with the goblin king went...well, this is the story for you.

Cary vs the Goblin King, a new Cary Redmond short story (actually a novella as a turned out) is OUT NOW!

Cary vs the Goblin King, A Cary Redmond Short Story

Protectors don’t get nights off…

Girls’ night means different things to different groups of friends. For Cary Redmond and her three closest friends, it means staying in and watching a classic 80s film while eating Mexican food and drinking margaritas. The perfect evening, with the perfect company…

Until an unexpected guest crashes the party. Literally.

In the ensuing wreckage, Cary discovers her night off has just become a work night. Since she’s a magical Protector, she’s used to diving in to keep the good guys safe from the bad guys. But this time, it’s her dearest friends in danger.

And no one, not even the Goblin King, messes with Cary’s friends.


Now a little news. For those of you who are paranormal romance readers and loved the Tiger Shifters series, I will have a novel coming out in 2021 that is a crossover story between Cary Redmond's world and the Tiger Shifter world. I'm almost finished with the book as I type this--I thought it would be a novella and then...well, now it's a full novel. LOL.

I'll post the release date news as soon as I have it. It'll likely come out in May or September 2021 depending on other releases and of course the world. You'll get to meet the hero of that story--Deacon's youngest brother Dylan--next month in the next Cary Redmond short story (actually that's a novella length story too--everything seems to be turning out longer than I intend lately!). And the heroine of the crossover is Amy Donovan's sister Cat (from Taming Her Tiger).

The next Cary Redmond novel, THE TROUBLE WITH MAGIC AND FAERY CURSES, is due out in January 2021 so long as the world (and distance learning with two kids with two very different schedules!) doesn't scupper my plans. So look for that then. And for those who prefer reading in print, I'll have an ebook and print edition of some of Cary's short stories available in December (again barring catastrophes which seem to be cropping up a lot in 2020). More on that next month.

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Until next month, I hope you are all safe, and well, or as well as you can be, and that the month of October and the two full moons bring you hopeful things as well as a lot of good reading.

Happy Autumn and Halloween!

And Happy Reading!