February 14, 2023

First of 2 February Posts

Thanks to a bout of Covid for me and my youngest (sigh) I'm a little behind this month--for the record, we're both doing well, thanks be to vaxxes. He's fully recovered and I'm on the mend. Fingers crossed my oldest and husband don't get sick now. More sighing.

Anyway! Personal note added just so you know that I'll be posting a second update this month. I may have to push out the release of my second story for this month and the novel for next month by about a week each, since I lost a week of work. I will update here as soon as I know.

In the meantime, I did get the Valentine's Day release up and it's out now! Once again, it is not a Valentine's day story or a romance or anything like that. For some reason, I don't lean into publishing my romances on Valentine's Day LOL.

This story is a new Joan of Kerry novella. This time, Joan and Rory face a kraken and adventure ensues. Available in eBook from all vendors as well as available to buy direct from me now!

A Joan of Kerry Story

When an ancient monster arises from the deep…

Joan and her dragon fly to the rescue. Spotting a kraken wrapped around a spit of land off the west coast of Ireland, Joan knows time is against her. When the sun rises, the sea spray and mists won’t hide the mythical monster from human view, or protect humans from the creature’s deadly tentacles.

Getting the kraken away from human habitation proves challenging. And when Joan spots a grounded fishing boat, which the kraken refuses to release, Joan fears the creature has already claimed its first victim.

Facing a kraken, without getting killed, tests even an experienced hero and her dragon. But that’s the job. A job Joan was born to do.

Just her. Her sword. And her dragon.


I'll have the release details for the newest Cary Redmond novella, Cary's Leprechaun Troubles, in a week or two! And I'll have an update for the release of REDEMPTION IN STONE in that post.

Thanks for your patience!