June 13, 2023

Two Releases and I'm really bad at post titles...

Every month, I find myself trying for something either descriptive or even a little pithy for the titles of these posts. And every month, I fail miserably. Just so you know. I am bad at titles. And that includes website page titles. LOL.

Anyway, happy June! This month, I have two novella eBook releases.

The first is the standalone release of a Cary Redmond novella, previously published in the A Very Cary Holiday collection. The second is a new short novella in a soft-boiled, amateur sleuth mystery series I've been playing in!

A Cary Redmond Novella

Out June 13th

Beltane, bonfires, magic…and human sacrifice?

When Cary Redmond ends up at a Beltane celebration with her best friend, the witch Angie Jordan, Cary knows she’s in for an interesting night. Trouble swirls in the air right alongside the campfire smell. Magic and danger and people to protect. All in a night’s work for a magical Protector and her powerful best friend. But Cary gets a lot more than she bargains for.

A field full of bespelled pagans trying to throw themselves into a giant bonfire only starts a night of deadly danger. Because inside that fire, the real threat lurks. A threat impossible to destroy.

And if Cary can’t figure out what’s going on in time, a lot of people will burn.


A Percy James Mystery

Out June 27th

Welcome to the Azur Regent

Percy James rarely trudges through a dull day at her job as a front desk clerk of a small boutique hotel on the Upper East Side. New York City draws all kinds, and a lot of the more interesting people end up at the Azur Regent. Percy loves the variety. Always a story to tell. Always something interesting happening.

But sometimes things can get maybe a little too interesting.

Because even small boutique hotels turn up occasional trouble. Like the guest room covered in blood.

Uncovering the culprit and keeping the other guests safe, all while not getting reprimanded by her boss… Percy will count that as a good day at work.

So long as no one dies.


Quick note about paperback prices: Amazon has had to raise their printing costs this month and that has necessitated raising some of my print book prices. This mostly affects the Large Print paperback editions. I have tried to keep the prices as reasonable as possible. And where I can, I've kept the prices the same (this is essentially true across the board with the Trade paperback editions). There might be some hardback price increases as well. Just a heads-up if you notice a price increase.

Next month: I have an sort of experimental thing releasing. I don't want to say too much about it yet until I have it put together, but it's a collection of stories, and there are dragons... More in July!

Until then, enjoy the start of summer, or winter depending on your hemisphere.