July 18, 2023

Second Half of the Year

And I can't believe it's July already! This year is just flying past. I didn't mind that so much in my youth, but now, I'd be happier if things slowed down. *grin*

This month, I have a fun experiment out. A collection of stories, all starting with the same line, all six of them in completely different genres! And they all start with the line (and the question), Who steals a dragon?

Which, when you think about it, is a really good question.

This is what I'm calling a Pick Your Genre collection. A collection for the eclectic reader. The person who reads all kinds of genres, but what they read at any give point really depends on their mood. Well, in this collection, you get to pick the genre you're in the mood for! You can read the collection from start to finish or jump around. No rules! Just a lot of fun stories in different genres about different dragons.

WHO STEALS A DRAGON is out now in eBook, Trade paperback, and Large Print paperback editions!

A Pick Your Genre Collection

Who steals a dragon?

That’s a question with a lot of potential answers. And a lot of potential dragons.

And in this collection, bestselling author Kat Simons answers that question in multiple genres, in completely different ways, to suit a reader’s different moods.

Looking for a space adventure? There’s a story for that. Want a little high fantasy? There’s a story for that. In the mood for something more romantic? There’s a story for that.

Enter here to pick your genre. Where thieves, adventurers, trackers, and mercenaries mingle with all different kinds of dragons. Each story a standalone adventure. Each tale a unique answer to the question…

Really…who steals a dragon?!


I have to say, I think this is one of the coolest interiors I've ever had for a book. And the eBook edition has everything linked to make it easy to jump around to the different genre stories. I hope readers will have as much with the collection as I had fun writing it!

Sales alert

For my Smashwords readers, this month, Smashwords is having their annual Summer/Winter sale and just about everything in my catalogue is 50% off! Be sure to check it out!


I also have two books in the Kobo BOGO sale this month, Designed for You and The Trouble with Black Cats and Demons. If you’re a Kobo reader, be sure to check out the sale!

Next month

I start releasing individual stories from last year's Haunts and Howls collection as individual eBooks. I'm starting with Anger Management because we're coming up to a new Demon Witch novel in September, and Anger Management features the demon hunter Aidan, so it just felt like the right time.

I'll also have the next story in the Percy James series out toward the end of August. This one is a little more appropriate for November, so if you want to hoard it until then, that would work!

More on both stories next month.

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Happy Reading!