August 16, 2023

August Updates

 I'm just going to give up on post titles. I'm terrible at them. LOL

This month I have a new short story release, a previously published novella releasing as a standalone eBook, and news about a sale.

First the standalone eBook. Anger Management originally appeared in HAUNTS AND HOWLS WHERE DEMONS DWELL. For my print readers, that's the edition to get. But if you prefer to pick up the individual story on its own as an eBook, this is your chance.

For those reading the Cary Redmond series, or the Demon Witch series, this novella features the demon hunter Aidan in yet another appearance where we see her through someone else's eyes. I love being able to do that with her.

Anger Management is out now!

A Demon Hunter Novella

Demons and vampires just piss her off…

After years of navigating the machinations of a vampire hive as a rare dhampir, Quinn has learned to rein in her anger and manage living in the world between vampires and humans without killing everyone. Mostly. Sometimes her anger even comes in hand. Especially when a legendary demon hunter asks for help. Quinn never refuses a good fight.

But vampires summoning a demon makes no sense. Vampires don’t need to bargain with demons for power or wealth or anything else.

Or do they?

Uncovering the vampire conspiracy while preventing a demon from escaping leads Quinn down a road she never expects to walk. Directly to secrets that could cost her everything.

If she survives the demon.


The New Release for this month is out on August 22nd (less than a week away as this post releases) and is available for preorder everywhere. This is the next story in the Percy James Mystery series. I'm having fun with these so look for more in the future.

Cookie's Can't Crime was actually the first story I wrote in this series, and I liked Percy enough, I decided to write more. This also has a bit of holiday flavor, so if you're anxiously awaiting the November-December holidays, this is a good one to pick up!

Cookies Can't Crime is out August 22.

A Percy James Mystery

Welcome to the Azur Regent

Percy James doesn’t normally care which of the winter holidays she gets off. She loves working the front desk at the Azur Regent, a boutique hotel on the Upper East Side of New York City. But this year…this year she needs Christmas.

Getting a holiday off in the hospitality business? Notoriously tough. Getting the holiday you want? Almost impossible. At least with Percy’s manager. But this year, Percy has a plan. Win the annual cookie contest, get Christmas off.

The only problem… Two of the main players in the competition are missing.

Something weird is happening at the Azur Regent.

And Percy James has to figure it out.


Next month, I'll have another novella from the HAUNTS AND HOWLS WHERE DEMONS DWELL collection releasing as a standalone eBook. Demonic Dates is a sort of tie-in novella with the
Demon Witch series, so for those of you reading that series, this might be a fun one to pick up (if you haven't gotten it in the collection already). It's already up for preorder at Kat Simons Books and at all other eBook Vendors now if you want to make sure you get it on the release day.

And the big release in September is the next Demon Witch novel! STORM SHADOW WITCH is in production now (I'll add the preorder link here when I have it, so check back for that). This one is...well, it went somewhere I wasn't expecting the series to go just yet (although I knew we'd get there eventually) and things happened that surprised me and now I'm super excited for the next book. LOL. I hope readers will enjoy it too!

Full details on the novel next month!


Finally the sale news! 

THE TROUBLE WITH BLACK CATS AND DEMONS, Book 1 in the Cary Redmond series, is on sale for a limited time! Only $0.99 to get this first in series book. If you haven't started the Cary Redmond series, this is a great way to pick up the first book and give it a try.

At the moment, the series has 7 main novels in the series and a tone of short stories and novellas around the main series. And as we speak, I'm writing the 8th book in the main series. So take advantage of this limited time offer and get the first book for only $0.99!

Until next month...Happy Reading!