September 19, 2023

September Starts Spooky Season!

 It just does. I don't make the rules. LOL


This month I have a spooky new book in my Demon Witch series out! STORM SHADOW WITCH, book 3 in the series is available in eBook from all vendors including Kat Simons Books! And will be available most places in print soon. The print editions are still populating (sigh) so I'll keep updating the links here.

AND the first book in that series, BONE LANTERN WITCH is On Sale for only $0.99 for a limited time so don't miss that!

A Demon Witch Novel, Book 3

Storms on the horizon call to demon nightmares…

Angie Jordan’s time as a demon hunter has proven two things to her. One, she’s not and never will be a hunter. And two, she’s not getting out of the demon world any time soon. The only shining light in that darkness is having the love of her life, Sebastian, back.

But after trouble last Halloween broke open new powers for Angie, controlling her growing magic proves too challenging to do alone. Her only hope at mastering the demon witch magic before it overwhelms her…help from her first mentor and teacher.

And that means a trip home to New Mexico.

Returning to her family brings unexpected dangers, though. Threats Angie thought she left behind in New York. And a confrontation with a mysterious enemy who threatens everything she loves.

Pushed into a corner, Angie will protect those closest to her, no matter the cost. But even Sebastian’s help might not be enough against their current enemies. And when Angie must face her worst nightmares, the biggest threat to those around her might not be the demons. The biggest threat…

Might be her.


Don't forget the sale on the eBook version of BONE LANTERN WITCH! Only $0.99 for a limited time. Sale ends October 3rd!



Next month (as it's what the Non-Die-Hards consider the start of spooky season) I have a bunch of things out.

First, there's the release of two standalone eBooks from last years Haunts and Howls collect, HAUNTS AND HOWLS WHERE DEMONS DWELL. Friday's Curious Shop will be out October 10th and The Museum of Small Arts Everyman will be out on Halloween!! My spookiest of spooky stories for Halloween. *grin* Check back next months for links!

And I have a brand new Haunts and Howls collection out in the middle of October! This one has a strange theme because it's a kind of two-fer. 

HAUNTS AND HOWLS AND JESTERS BELLS has fantasy stories that are both light and humorous (my kind of humor so... you know, weird LOL) and spooky stories to go with the Haunts and Howls theme. And also because jesters are like clowns and clowns are scary!

There will also be sequel stories for two previous stories published in the last two Haunts and Howls books! If you haven't read the previous two collections, now's a good time to consider them.

Check back next month for all the details on the new releases. You can also find information about new releases at my fan store Kat Simons Books!

Until next month, enjoy the start of spooky season! (even though its still too hot up here in the Northern Hemisphere!)

Happy Reading!